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  1. I read in the paper that they had centre diff problems on saturday, so that could explain the work they were doing? They also had ABS problems and were without it on Sunday (according to the Hobart Mercury)
  2. RWD porsche + very wet roads (snow) didn't give him much chance of keeping up with the GTR, but he did very well to come 3rd and if it had of been dry on the last two days he probably would have won
  3. They were in 75th position in the modern competition as of the end of Leg 2 (yesterday) http://www.targa.org.au/Targa_2005/Primary..._final_leg2.php
  4. PROVISIONAL END OF DAY RESULTS Thursday 28 April 2005 DRIVETRAVEL.COM MODERN COMPETITION POS CREWS MODEL PENALTY TIME 1 Paul Stokell, VIC- Peter Roberts, TAS Lamborghini Gallardo 00:03:41 2 Jim Richards, VIC- Barry Oliver, TAS Porsche 911 GT3 CS 00:04:04 3 Tony Quinn, QLD- Keith Wenn, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 00:04:18 4 John White, TAS- Jason White, TAS Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II 00:04:20 5 Warwick Rooklyn, NSW- Linda Long, NSW Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer VII 00:04:51 6 Greg Garwood, TAS- John Allen, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 00:05:16 =7 Rex Broadbent, VIC-Michael Goedheer, VIC Daytona Coupe 00:06:33 =7 Kevin Weeks,SA-Jahmeil Taylor SA Porsche 911 GT2 00:06:33 9 Scott Juniper, QLD – Dan Bowden, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 00:06:35 10 Jeff Beable, VIC-Nerida Beable, VIC Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II 00:06:54 ---- Hopefully the shitty weather in Tasmania over the next few days will give the GTRs the edge!
  5. The 'Hobart grapevine' isn't very reliable. I was told it has an RB20DEt, but who knows how true that is :wassup:
  6. If your going to submit a response to the government make sure you think it through and be mature about it. There's no point sending immature rubbish, that'll only give them more reason to go ahead with the laws (if you can't be responsible on the internet, what chance have you got in a car?) *not having a go at anyone in particular, it's just I've read some rubbish on other sites and a little bit on here (but nowhere near as much)
  7. You heard the man, tell him what you think. IN A MATURE MANNER. (if your capable of doing so) There's not much point bitching on here.
  8. Engine “knock” is the sound produced when a car’s air/fuel mixture is ignited by something other than the spark plug, such as a hot spot in the combustion chamber. Light knock is normal in modern engines during heavy acceleration or under other high-load conditions, such as climbing steep grades. Severe “knock” may be caused by fuel with too low an octane rating or by improper adjustment of the ignition system. This will harm the engine. “Knock” is also called “detonation” or “ping.”
  9. yep your right, I don't see why it should just be young people that have to go through strict testing and education if there is still a hell of a lot of idiotic older drivers that have bad habits that will never change unless they are taught properly and tested every now and then. I know a few oldies that aren't aware of laws such as keep left unless overtaking in an 80km + zone, and the "zip" merge rule to name a couple. When I went through the road rule book a few years ago before going for my L's I was with my Nan, and she ended up learning a few new laws she had never heard of. Your forgetting that young people (I'm not just going to say 'P' platers [i'm 18 and not on P's]) in general are more tempted to show off, 'test' out their cars and to be "fullly sic moite". there's also the peer pressure factor. (I'm not saying you are like this, but alot are.) Also, how about just not getting into a situation where you lose traction? Alot of the time it's preventable, but not always in emergency situations so they should be teaching emergency braking and car control skills to EVERYBODY. ..... Also, the police need to start getting their priorites right, what's more likely to kill or injure, l.e.d. windscreen washer lights or dodgy brakes with no pad materials(or shoes) left ?? -rhetorical question- I've never seen a cop have a look at a car's brakes, they'd prefer to defect someone for wheels that are too large for the cars instead of looking at the real (possibly) danger behind the wheels. They also shouldn't be kicking car enthusiasts out of car parks when all they are doing is standing around talking, because as soon as the police tell them to piss off alot of people head out into the hills and go crazy, It's obvious which is more dangerous. Oh and they need to be more consistent.
  10. I dunno if your post was in response to my post, but seeing as it was straight after I'll assume it was.... I wasn't talking about anything at the front of the bonnet , but at the back where it's hinged. theres a small bit of metal on each side, next to the hinges which hooks into the bonnet framework.(on alot, but not all cars)
  11. think about the cost and availability of parts for it, because of it's age.
  12. well said. Also I've seen a few carbon fibre bonnets that don't have hinge locks/catches (can't think of their proper name). when the bonnnet is closed on most cars there is a small metal piece that sticks up into the bonnet next to the hinge mounts, if the car is in an accident they prevent the bonnet from flying back through the windscreen if the hinges fail. some carbon fibre bonnets don't have the right holes in the underbonnnet frame work, so the catches don't do their job properly. also, if your only after them for the wank factor I think supercheap and roughtobarn sell rolls of stick on carbon look plastic sheets like contact. :headspin: :wassup:
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