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  1. Thanks for asking about any interest Bob. As you have mentioned, Shannons auction is a good measure of what its worth. If it sells for a high price, it's great for all owners.
  2. For anyone interested, mine is going to be auctioned in Shannons Sydney auction. Its listed on their page.
  3. Just an update on mine. Still for sale with 'offers' put on the add. I have had interest.Nothing progressing to people actually coming to look at the car. With regards to restoring one, it can become really expensive. If you can't do most of the work yourself, accept my words of wisdom and don't buy one that needs major restoration. I also have (for those that are old enough to know) a Valiant VH E55 Charger that needs restoration and was quoted 80 grand (turn key) by a popular Mopar shop in sydney. A guy i know, can do it as a roller for 20 grand. You still need to do the drive train and chase other parts that may be hard to get. It adds up..
  4. Thanks for the opinions. Marko i am thinking Shannons in October or February in Sydney. Would like to catch up Bob, i have sent you a pm.
  5. Anyone that is interested, i am thinking of selling mine. Unmodified with just over 31000 ks. Im at a point where i don't want to modify it or put heaps of ks on it. I have a figure in my mind but opinions of what its worth is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Marko has seen these pics. I thought other members would like to see some pics of my car.>Jim.
  7. I would like to get one that you can hide and doesn't require adding extra wiring to allow it to work..? I know F all about them.
  8. Good News you found your Datsun. You are very Lucky. Has anyone fitted a tracking device on their car? I guess someone would be able to rip it out if they found it..
  9. Hi, I own number 87. Purchased off original owner in 2006. It's stock. I need a antenna as well as the car cover got caught on it and cracked the metal part inside the rubber... Good to see people taking care of them. I will post pics/more details later as i have hassles signing in-i'll sought it out-Jim.
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