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  1. Thanks for the reply I didn't actually think of that with the go pro, I've operated the throttle 100 times by hand and never stuck. I keep going back to a manifold leak but can't find any.
  2. Hey guys having a wierd issue with my r33. On full throttle applications if I lift off at say 6000rpm the revs will keep climbing for a second even though the accelerator is off. It only does it at WOT and only at high rpm. Throttle cable is free and I've ran the car and sprayed everything with brake cleaner looking for manifold leaks with no luck. Car starts, runs and drives perfect every time. Has turbo upgrade, plazmaman top plenum, z32 afm, z32 ecu, 1200cc injectors and the usual other bolt ons. Any other ideas what it could be? Thanks
  3. Anyone running 18s enkai rpf1 8.5 +30 front and 9.5 +38 on the rear of a r33 coupe. Im worried about the brakes clearing The offsets are what i want just not sure if the rims will clear the calipers. Being wheel specific All the rpf1 r33s seem to run 9.5 inch wide on the front but i have knuckles and stock length lcas for drift days so would rather the skinnier wheel Dont want to run spacers if i muck up the sizes Cheers
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