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  1. Hey guys, Looking to get some damage to my R34 repaired, I took it to a smash repairers in my area and they came back and told me they couldn't give me a quote as they couldn't find the parts. Was hoping you guys could help me either source the parts, or point me to a smash repairers who can help? The damage is in the pic attached, the tail light works perfectly, it's just the case is broken and there is some dents/scratches to the surround area. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for that. I might ring up the guys at Sydney Suspension. They've got a lot of good reviews and live right by me.
  3. I live in Western Sydney but work in the City, so anywhere between is fine. Really want it for general maintenance right now, but the wanks at Kmart have caused an issue when they did my 100km service. They replace the timing belt and ever since there has been this strange noise coming from the engine bay, sounds like it's coming from the timing belt. I took it back to them to get looked at, and after looking at it for a day they told me it was because they wound the timing belt real tight because it was a sports belt and it would stretch over time and the noise would go. Well it's been 15,000km since then and the noise is exactly the same.
  4. Recommendations: R34 Mechanic/Service Centre Hey guys, For awhile I've been taking my R34 to my local K-Mart Tyre and Auto for services (only because I used to know the store manager), but I'm kind of over their bullshit as lately they've been a bit dodgey. So I am looking for a good mechanic in Sydney, preferably someone with experience working with Jap imports/Skylines. I was reading around and found the attached thread from this forum, where a lot of people recommend seeing Mizu at JLM in Rydalmere. Is this still a good place to go? I don't mind travelling for it. Thanks guys.
  5. Advice/Recommendations: R34 Suspension repairs + coilovers Hey guys. I took my R34 GTT to Pedders for a full Brake, Steering and Suspension check after noticing some changes in my steering and road feedback. Turns out I need about $1300 in wear and tear repairs, and I also need to replace all 4 shocks. They said the only company that would make shocks for my car would be Bilstein and I'd need to get their Sports range which would end up costing me a fortune, and I'd be better off getting coilovers. They quoted me $1900 extra ($3200 for everything) for their own coilovers. But they reckon the maximum ride height of their coilovers is slightly less than my current height (factory height), and I really don't want to lower it (my baby is all stock after all). I would prefer to get a full coilover conversion than just replace the shocks, but does this mean I will need to lower it a touch? Are the Pedders coilovers good quality? ie would you recommend them? or if not, who should I look at? Is the price quoted reasonable? Thanks for any and all advice!
  6. Thanks guys. I will have a look at this tonight.
  7. Hey guys, My rear washer hasn't been working for awhile now, I had a look last weekend, and after filling it up with water I noticed that whenever I try to use the rear washer I can hear the motor working but all the water is leaking straight into my boot. So I guess a hose is either broken or disconnected in the washer line above my boot? Does anyone know how to access that section of the boot so I can try to replace the hose?? (the roof of the boot) Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, Had my R34 for 2 years now. Have never really done anything with it other than the normal service. I am getting the feeling like my local mechanic is a total shit show though, and I was hoping that someone could suggest a top quality mechanic with experience dealing with high performance cars in the western sydney area. As close to Penrith as possible. There are a few things I've needed done for awhile now, and when I get them done I don't just want standard parts, I want the good stuff! And I doubt my local mechanic knows about performance parts hahaha. Also, can anyone suggest a good clutch kit? Need to get mine replaced in the near future. Cheers.
  9. Hey guys So I only just noticed that my car got egged, it would have happened last night as it's not possible it happened today. That means the egg was on my car for about 20 hours before I noticed it. I have just cleaned it off using car wash and a microfibre mit, but after drying I can see that the paint is slightly cracked. It is barely noticeable and you can only see it in certain light. Will a good cut and polish get this out? I have just applied some Maguires polish so I'll see how that goes. Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated.
  10. Thanks a lot for this! Might have a go this weekend. I thought only the series 2 had the blue film? Where can I get the bulbs that I need to solder?
  11. Hey guys, Just been installing some LEDs in my R34s interior. Have replaced the cluster and AC unit successfully, I now want to install some more customized lighting such as: Gear stick surround Bottom of the door and/or door light AC air vents Cigarette lighter Key ignition Electric window switch The gear stick surround would need to come on with the rest of the lights, and the door lights would need to come on only when the door is open, so does anyone know how to tap into the light circuit to connect these to? The air vents would have a switch somewhere. Also, can someone please tell me how to change the bulbs for the cig lighter, key ignition and electric windows? One annoying thing I have found though, the cluster LEDs are a different kind of Blue to the AC unit..... The perfectionist in me is annoyed. Thanks for any help guys!
  12. Hi all, I have been looking around for a tutorial to replace the bulbs in my climate control and dash but can't seem to find one anywhere. I swear I seen one on here ages ago! Is someone able to tell me how to do it? Or point me to a tutorial. Reason is I have just picked up a set of bulbs for my R34 GT-T and have tried to replace them, but the Climate Control LEDs are too big for the socket. Not sure if they are the wrong bulbs, or if I am missing something. Thanks heaps
  13. Problem is I have no idea about repairs of this kind.... If someone can tell me how to fix it I may a have a crack.
  14. Hey guys, So I just reversed into a tree stump at my girlfriends house.(effing invisible tree stump). Anyway, I have attached a picture of the damage, it seems to be a big dent, but the top of it is creased a little now. Any idea how much this is going to cost to fix? Thanks for any help,
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