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  1. Bumping an old thread lol... The car has been garaged since 2013. Just in the past month I've been gathering the motivation to finish this project up. I found this thread which covers the 6mt swap process in nice detail step by step. But it's for a g35 and 5AT->6mt, So there may be a few differences.. And here's a parts list someone from that thread posted which seems fairly accurate for reference. I'm just looking for someone to help me with it now. Anyone know a backyard mechanic in Perth who likes cash money lol? I've called the whole thing a loss so I have no financial attachment to this car anymore as it's been so long, so that's a plus. I'm going to service the motor this week and see how it's liked being shelved for a number of years. Anyone have any tips for servicing a vq35de that hasn't run for a period of time? I'll keep you all posted. Cheers
  2. that does look pretty sweet, and i understand that the shorter the height.. also means a somewhat shorter throw. my problem is just finding a stock shifter as it costs more than most short throws would.. i'll see how i go, the manual conversion project will be done in a few weeks. cheers for the reply mosoto!
  3. Anyone installed a short throw shifter in a v35 or 350z.. ? if so which kit/brand, and how do you like it compared to the stock shifter.. ? and also sell me your stock shifter if anyone has one still handy. for this project.. My link have a 350z box but no shifter, i like the throw of the stock shifter.. i had a fc and prefered the stock shifter compared to a short shifter in the manual box. the short shifter felt better for drag purposes, but worse for drifting which is my style of driving. cheers, Seb
  4. all in the title. have a v35 manual conversion project, have 350z 6MT box but no shifter. 0423 279 321 cheers, Seb
  5. bump! .... big power potential, not for the faint hearted.. peace1
  6. 4 sale is a brand new Innovative (USA) polished T72 dual ball bearing p-trim, 1.15 exhaust housing, .72 compressor wheel Perth, WA The turbo was custom built by Grant @Per4manz in Perth, designed for a 13b rotary to make 440hp @14psi with very little lag. I am sure this turbo could run all day @25psi.. If anyone needs more info on how it would run on a different motor, i can find out easily or you could ask Grant yourself, mention Sebastian's T72 for rotary and he will remember. Per4manz Website Reason for sale: I regretfully never got around to installing it on my fc and sold it recently, bought a v35 sedan.. This turbo is too big for the v35, very possible to fit but it would be out of my budget to install on the v35, but would make big numbers. I purchased the turbo for $2,200 and am firm on that price, as this turbo has gone up in price since i bought it. I saw the same turbo selling for $2,900 elsewhere.. I will post better photos over the next day or two, the one below is shown in plastic wrap next to a td06 setup i just sold. 0423 279 321 Seb
  7. yeh its all going to plan, i got the money there ready to go since selling my fc.. purchased the gearbox lastweek, should be getting shipped this week. put a down payment on the parts from the 350z halfcut which has landed, except for the tail shaft which is coming oct 9th(my bday) so once all the parts are here its a pretty simple matter of droppin the v35 at c-red and waiting a week, im guessing something will come up where i need another part or something goes wrong... modifying cars eh? still havent sussed out the lsd, since im getting most the drivetrain from this 350z thats landed and its only done 35 odd thousand k's, i might roll with that one if i can get it for cheap, even though its a viscious lsd and i know its bound to wear out and spin single leg eventually, 35k's is fair, should have a bit of life in it. also after driving the car a bit, it has enough power for me now, its just the lsd issue -of not having it. im used to my rx7 fc and the lsd was amazing!! in the wet the v35 will step out pleasantly enough, but in the dry its very single leg. i feel like a goose with there first commodore or falcon lol.. i have enough money for the 6mt conversion and some spare, so maybe coilovers is next.... turbo is still definitely on the cards, i do have a brand new t72 sitting here still in plastic wrap, but i think it's far to big for the v.. after selling some music equipment i need to offload and other shit etc + making some dosh, turbo is on the cards peace heres my music btw if anyones bored
  8. found most of the parts, buying them and arranging shipment this week, tomorrow.. so hopefully should be in the shop 'c-red' by next week if shipping is fast.. yeeeh! not sure whether to go for an aftermarket clutch/flywheel setup or to go with a stock setup, the 350z halfcut i've found has 35ish k's on it, stock clutch and flywheel is $275 from this halfcut, not mentioning the shop because if someone else jumps on these parts im f**ked! will mention after.. aftermarket clutch/flywheel is $1600 thru c-red, so im thinking i'll just roll with the stock one for now, get a button clutch and light flywheel when i get more power or this one dies. rolling with the gt-8 ecu and just tricking it to work, i need the ignition key and imobilser module from the halfcut. will keep yall posted. peace, seb
  9. idk but if n e 1 is keen perth, wa... im keen and know a few + 1 guy with a r35 gtr yeeooow!
  10. very nice work mate.. it does have a tough corvette muscle look to it imo. i'd love to see this thing in action, forgive me i did skim through the thread.. any vids??
  11. thanks guys, its refreshing to finally have a good chunk of cash ready to put into a project that is worthy. i have everything lined up as far as parts.. i called C-Red in perth today and got a quote of 2.5k labour and they can help with the parts i havent found + ~$1600 for a performance clutch and flywheel(quoted from there last s15 clutch install). i know jeff ash from way back when i was on the wa drift committee, saying that he probably will barely remember me and i dont expect a discount, just saying i know they're a reputable company, and know there nissans.. if the cvt 8spd worked, i would keep it, turbo the bitch and call it a day! but unfortunately it only works in theory. i hope someday nissan gets it right like their german/italian competitors... bcoz when it works, it works lovely! im sure that it will be quicker in a straight line and most corner situations thatn a manual will ever be. but, saying that there is no way i am going to spend this kind of cash and got auto again. after driving a v35 sedan with the amazing 6spd 350z box a few weeks back and coming from the perfect short throw of a 13b series 4 turbo gearbox... im sold. as the car is even with open wheel spins, it drifts quite nice in the wet.. feels like a falcon in the dry single wheeling. and im actually really amazed at how the handling and stiffness is considering its got a ride height comparable to a 4wd lol! c-red are confident they can use the stock gt-8 ecu and get it working, also they can do the scan tool check on the cvt, even if its a speed sensor or whatever im going thru with it.. + use stock airflow meter, which i was told i need a different one from someone. the budget.. ~6,000 + i can get FREE freight to and from anywhere in Australia coz i know a guy! 6pd box w/out shifter - 1k C-red conversion/ labor - 2.5k Clutch + flywheel - 1.6k 350z halfcut parts thru option 1 garage <1k ^^clutch master/ slave cylinders, steering column, pedal kit, handbrake assembly, most of console not quite sure about the speedo cluster yet but i dont mind using the gt8 one unless there are all error lights up i guess, easy to find though. then there's the tail/drive shafts which is the main thing im unsure about at this point - whether or not i can use the stock one, a 350z one, or i will need v35 manual sedan/coupe parts. i measured the gt8 ones and they're 82cm(front) & 69cm(rear) - so if anyone has there car on a hoist or can check their 350z or manual coupe it will be handy im happy sticking with the stock open wheel diff untill i get a quaife lsd, as it seems the best option as opposed to the stock v35/350z viscous lsd which will eventually wear out and open wheel anyways.... if i can source a quaife lsd and find out about the tail/drive shafts and can fit it around the budget, i will look into installing at the same time as gearbox. finally if i have change i'll hook up some coilovers, but i have king springs from the previous owner not installed i'll throw in anyways till i can afford a proper option. there we have it, any info or insight anybody can help out on is greatly appreciated, or anything i have forgot etc... if all goes to plan the project should be complete within a month or a few weeks! cheers, seb
  12. hey bud you said you found a place in wa to get ecu reflashed..? im doin a manual conversion on a v35 sedan and knowing of a place like that in wa can be really helpful to my cause. cheers!!
  13. all in the title, but specifically somewhere to do labor on my v35 gt8 - manual conversion project. i have most the parts just need a decent shop that can do the work that will be fair with price and friendly to work with. heres the info thread i guess cheers! seb
  14. i have mixed feelings about the vents also, the grill looks sick tho.. thats not stock is it??? i would like one for my v35 sedan! i would also like to know if you have driven/owned a turbocharged car before? and how you feel the powerband compared to the supercharger? im coming from a rx7 turbo and am definitely going turbo kit or s/c my v35, leaning towards a turbo coz i prefer the powerband of a turbo. can you give us the low down on how the car drives, and do you have a drifting background to compare how the car would handle in that style of driving? sori for all the q's but cheers, peace!