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  1. No this car was pretty good in overall condition, nothing too extreme
  2. Come see us
  3. This is a clients Lotus Exige S which was detailed and had Ceramic Pro 9H applied like the Superleggera. Once again this really demonstrates the amazing gloss levels this product brings and the car isnt even black! We were a little rushed so didnt have time for heaps of pics but there are enough to get the idea. Some Golfs in for some love also And the glamour shots Regards, Mitch 0432 839 463
  4. THanks Certainly is a turtle About 80-90 Sorry for the late reply guys
  5. Scott and Superior Shine and hes mobile
  6. Mr Whippy will also be there for refreshments
  7. I did but then stopped as I didn't have time for it. I do have a guy that is really good though and good pricing if you go through myself.
  8. No free feed lol its a BYO food lol though I am organising a MR whippi to come!
  9. Hey Guys, Mitch from Immaculate Reflections here. I must say I am a little disappointed in the FB competition and the fact many are ruining what was in good fun and something I did not have to offer nor do. I understand no one is directly having a go at me BUT wether your in the comp or not or you win or not YOU NEVER HAD AN OFFER FOR THIS PRIOR so you are not out of pocket or lose anything so there is no need to get shirty. I was supposed to attend on the day and choose a car to be the winner but I couldn’t make it as has been outlined before. Due to this I chose some cars and the committee came up with a “peoples choice” kind of comp out of the cars I chose. It would have been alot easier to say oh well I didn’t make it cancel the $1200 prize but that isn’t how I work and not how I want to support SAUvic. The FB voting system is flawed but it is what we used and what you have so get on with it. ITS ALL IN FUN! Plan to come to most shows and events and choose a car from each one for a prize, also a “wild card” for a car of my choice which could be anyone not the latest and greatest but a nice honest car with a NICE and FUN owner who I think should be rewarded, once again this doesn’t have to be done but I would like to support you guys. Though if this continues I will not be doing it as I don’t want my company associated with “fixed voting” and other public nonsense. I believe all the cars are MEMBERS so the fact the BMW and Supra where winning at one stage should have no bearing on anything it is their RIGHT and my CHOICE to have them in the comp, if you don’t like it then advise me so I can make sure you are never a valid contender in any “fixed” comps in the future. I am sorry if I sound rude or arrogant but this is a car community to learn about, look at, respect, and admire others rides and prides. Not to slander and get grumpy about a basic comp. I am now giving 2nd and 3rd a prize of a $600 detail and the others in the comp 50% off of any service from us to be used prior to Dec 31st. This is $Thousands out of my time and pocket, if you want it run again and more prizes then lets move on with it and smile and have fun. PS Meet and Greet for all cars Saturday the 3rd of November 11:30 11/15 Macquarie Place Boronia PPS If it isn’t to much to ask please like my page SUPPORT THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT YOU! Regards, Mitch Jackson
  10. The build plate! I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures I didn't get many of the wash as I was in a bit of a rush at the time but the finish is what counts. Regards, Mitch
  11. Not a bad view of the office
  12. Not a bad weekend to be working with all these! A couple before and afters Navi wax was my weapon of choice for shine on this Japanese Beast.... and shine it did!
  13. This is a client of mines Genuine Tommy Kaira R34 GTR, a little about this car and its features and specs. This car is believed to be the only genuine Tommy Kaira in Australia and of less than 100 R34's ever done by Tommy Kaira. With all original paper work showing this car went from Nissan to Tommy with 1,108km on the clock for the full overhaul and the car has been plaqued, the intake piping shows the car was 425ps after Tommy had worked their magic. It has the extremely rare Tommy Digital Indicator System with digital speedo also, which upon speed recall shows a figure of (from memory) 382 kph or there abouts. With only 28,xxxkm on the clock and full service history and books this car is truely one of a kind and was very exciting to work on. Being a 425ps Tommy Kaira built GTR wasnt enough for the owner in Japan so he had a HKS Step 2 2.8 litre stroker installed with Greddy T517z turbos, KW Variant 3 coilovers, Titanium Trust exhaust, and a button activated clutchless shift racing system installed. On hi boost this car turns out nearly 800whp and on low boost 550whp. Oh and Ps that wing isn't for looks it creates enough down force that both mounting points have cracks in the paint around them from the boot flexing! On to the pics! Another rare thing is completely original glass around the whole car showing the serial number matching on each window. Now housing a 2.8 stoker
  14. What polishing tool is $1500 :S I have never seen one at this price