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  1. You have 15k worth of fuel systems in 2 300kw cars. 🧐 They definitely weren't needed in your situation. 1x $280 525 Walbro in each car woulda been fine. Even NASA woulda approved!
  2. Covid tax? 50k for a broken car in pieces? 🧐 Good luck with the sale mate...
  3. Yep it's a seriously dangerous car in the wrong hands. Hopefully these Kent's make the winner have to do some sort of driver training course or something before they get the keys.
  4. See the dipshits that burnt the AMG they won from these guys? Lol
  5. Its already sold. Buy tickets in raffle to win it instead
  6. Don't you dare use common sense in this discussion! Just remember turbos are an afterthought and nobody ever builds a turbo car and anticipates a turbo upgrade...
  7. Either way take it back to the shop. Who tuned it?
  8. White smoke isn't oil its coolant. Take it back to them mate. If its built and tuned by them it should be warranted.
  9. You had to take it too literally didn't ya? 🤦‍♂️ The turbo is 100% a critical part as it determines the powerband of your engine, the drivability of the car, but its also a critical part that determines the engines reliability/longevity. If turbos are an afterthought does that mean if you build your motor you can just bolt on 1300hp turbo onto the side of it? None of the other internal components need to be a little different? Pretty dumb huh? 🤔
  10. When you build a TURBO car literally the most important part is THE TURBO... Man that hurts my brain... Buy a cheap shit turbo then it dies or performs shit then what? You're up for a new turbo, The install costs AGAIN, Potentially new lines and fab work AGAIN, another tune, if its flex fuel there's $300 in E85 & 98. Plus your time driving there and back and rooting around organising a lift etc. Its DUMB!
  11. Its very on topic man Its a blatant SXE rip off. Which aren't expensive anyways? Why not buy the real deal for peace of mind instead of something that's potentially gunna take your donk out with it? I really don't know how they get away with it? Who are these people who have reviewed them and what are they comparing them to? Have they driven something decent before or are their minds blown cos they "made more power" Be a good little saver a bit longer and buy an Australian or U.S product. Why not support the people that support you? Forget the Yum cha turbo and the grubs who are about to kick off WW3 & who have almost single handedly f**ked the global economy.. This goes out to all you Ebay racers!
  12. Yes 100% cos those sleazy kunce rip off big companies designs who actually put R&D into their products. (Which no doubt is what adds to their cost) then slap these things together and undercut them with their products. Fark China we need to boycott them and their sleazy products. Give them a taste of their own medicine!
  13. Cheap China Knock offs by the look of it?
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