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  1. I think its more the fact its making nearly 200kw and peak torque at 4000rpm and seeing all the boost the match stick 4G rods can take by 4000rpm also. Big turbo behaves small even on a 2L 4 pot.
  2. Price drop! $13500
  3. $14600ono. Car is now on carsales too guys. Check out this Nissan Pulsar. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Pulsar-2014/SSE-AD-5387668
  4. Ignore the boost gauge for a kick off mate. Get it dialled in and see when it boots you up the ass when you mash the loud pedal. See how it responds to different throttle inputs etc Just burying your foot on the accelerator and waiting for something to happen while watching your boost gauge isn't a good way to gauge how it's gunna drive. Especially if it's untuned.
  5. Mick_o

    Lol your car is on stands with its ass hanging out? "But it's running" ? My car was pulled off the road to do a turbo swap. I'm doing the Fab work just like what's happening with Benjis car. WTF has the turbo got to do with it lol? Paul's box hasn't finished being setup just like yours so what's the deal? No doubt when he takes it out you'll get plenty of time in his rear vision mirror waiting for boost to come on 👍 That's if the 5s live long enough at 26psi. Then you will have to convert your car into a GTS4?
  6. Mick_o

    How many blokes do you know with EFR's?Paul? His car runs 👀
  7. Mick_o

    But make exceptions for the -5s?
  8. Hmmmm trying to think where I've heard this suggestion before?? But apparently it wasn't "a good idea" ?? "Nah a surge tank will be easier" 😂😂😂 If she's not setup right all the maths in the world won't help you dude. Just listen to Paul f**k ya! His system is PROVEN to work at power levels that far exceed yours and probably his too! He basically handed you the formula for a million kw setup but you don't listen? DUUDE FARK! The recipe ain't cheap.. But do it once! Gunna be cheaper than f**king around redoing shit! Or potentially costing you your motor Yeah? Piggy has given you a recipe THAT WORKS! FOR FREE! It cost him a fortune and took alot of research and advice from some of the smartest kents in the game to aquire so Why argue? Just do it!
  9. Thanks! It is a brilliant car. Kind of a shame to see it go. But it my evo needs to take it's place in the shed. Bump for a great economical daily driver with a bit of zing and great fuel economy!
  10. Mick_o

    Interesting..... Wonder why the secrecy? Kind of a bit dumb to post a vid like that then hide the results? Maybe it's a Skola tune? 😂
  11. Mick_o

    Sadly I'm gunna be a negative Nancy on this 1. Sounds like it was in 3rd gear for a kick off lol 780hp at 99mph. The run was barely a few seconds long. (Which could be operator getting scared of it jumping outta the dyno) so possibly a + not a - there... Also it's on a dynojet so you can literally pull 15% off those numbers "for straya dyno figures" so 780hp is more like 660whp on our shores. So it's a sub 500rwkw result from a set of 985kw snails? Would love to know what fuel and boost that was on!
  12. Bump! Get this shit out my shed! PLEASE!