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  1. Thats more a question for you Mr 3.2L V cam 😉
  2. Man i can't wait to pick this thing up! Bringing a spare pair of poo strainers with me! 😂
  3. Thats the muffler style there from xforces website 👍
  4. XForce muffler Link G4 ECU Hey guys up for grabs is an Xforce universal cannon style muffler. Specs are 3.5" inlet 7" round and 14" long. I cut the 2 bolt flange off it to put a v band on can re weld on if need be. Bought it for my car but went a different route. Paid $220 from memory $180ono Next up is a plug n play Link G4 ecu to suit an Evo 9 with 3 bar map sensor Only selling as i have out grown it and want to upgrade. Unsure what these are worth now. But im sure it owes me $2K with the map sensor. Great ECU can do flex fuel and anything else you can throw at it 😊 $1400ono Will update thread with pics later. Pick up is in Penrith area. Happy to post at buyers expense. Contact Mick 0423089277
  5. No Halaltech shit there Dan if thats what ya thinking lol? 🤣 He'd need 2 elite 2500s to run his car. ✌
  6. What data? You told us you wouldn't use 1 again because you can't run 35psi? I kind of find it hard to believe you didn't know about the speed limitations these turbos have as it is WELL documented and i have a feeling you would have done Some research in making your turbo choice? You will be the 1st 1 to call these turbos rubbish when you blow it up because you overspun it as you couldn't spend an extra few bucks on a sensor mindlessly winding up the boost when you know these turbos limitations.
  7. That has gotta be the dumbest shit I've read on SAU in quite a while and it didn't come from the skidmark sadly.... A few questions... A) Why are you getting caught up in "boost pressures"? Who gives a f**k about boost pressures! Would you wanna make 500kw at 30psi or 500kw at 35psi? Boost pressures DO NOT mean more power. A more efficient motor/setup will make the same power on less boost so that is absolutely meaningless! B) Does the turbo you chose make the power you aimed for? If not guess what? Its time for a BIGGER TURBO! C) Does it not drive better than anything you've driven before and any mates or family members non EFR cars? IF you answer yes. THAT IS what these turbos are all about. Even if you use a smokey old precision or a GTX and "overspin it" its gunna drop its guts out the dump pipe just like any other turbo will if being used outside of its efficiency range. Just so happens the EFR is more sensitive to this fact! Instead of wasting your time on silly posts like that & wanting to throw endless amounts of boost into your stock motor, chuck a $200 speed sensor in your compressor cover and see where your speed is at and see IF you can turn the wick up some more SAFELY! If not throw a shitty PTE on your car and enjoy topping your oil up regularly!
  8. Yeah id rather $1400 worth of gear than BC's too...
  9. f**k BC's why would you choose them over the MCA blues?
  10. THAT!^^^ You haven't even driven the thing properly lol so dont comment till its sorted 👍
  11. If anyone would know about that it'd be you mate! 😉
  12. Bin cross flow cooler they are useless.
  13. I did give a lil tip back a page mate 😉
  14. Which 1 mate lol?