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  1. Nice 34 mate! Be happy to help out! 😉
  2. Get yourself a cheap Random orbital polisher. You can't damage your paint with 1! Get yourself some orange pads and some HD apapt. This stuff cuts quite heavy defects but is also a diminishing compound so the cutting agents actually break down as they are worked. Unless your car is seriously munted this stuff will work great and will finish down to a nice mirror finish 😊 Decontaminating & Preparing your car for sealing is the key to making your wax or coating last as long as possible 😊
  3. Heres a 50/50 of before and after she saw some corrections. As you can see Spiderman had also dragged his ass all over thing thing and left his "spidey stains" all over it 🙄
  4. A few pics the morning after she was detailed ready to be taken home! LIKE GLASS! 💦💦💦
  5. I also tickled up the headlights as they were a little cloudy too. Passengers side done drivers side to go. Sealed them up with Carpro reload which is a spray on ceramic coating 😊
  6. Last and hopefully not least is me old mateys shitbox i tickled up for him. Cos im a top bloke of course! So this nugget got the foam lance treatment then the 2 bucket grit guard wash then decontamination with Angelwax clay sponge then hit with Angelwax regenerate compound then sealed up with Ti-22 titanium paint sealant followed up with Angelwax Dark Angel black hard wax... But as you can see she came up ok 😊
  7. So here's a mates young blokes MX5 i done a couple of weeks ago. This thing looked like spiderman had wiped his ass all over this thing it was quite munted indeed! Typical Mick_O style rips in and forgets to take before and after shots to compare! 🙄 But i basically gave it foam lance then a 2 bucket wash followed by a clay bar and rinsed then hit with HD adapt (best compound out there!) and a blue pad which was a medium/heavy correcting pad then threw a coat of HD poxy over it. Even a small little car with no roof like that still took 5hrs! But still came out great! Im a huge fan of HD products they are quite well priced and deliver amazing results. Puts anything you get from SCA or your local autobahn to shame for not alot more really 😎
  8. As always black looks amazing for about 45 seconds after its been coated! That Angelwax Ti-22 & fifth element wax is an amazing combo though. Even made dads 2.5yo lil wing nut smile 😊
  9. As said the clear isn't great. But theres a 50/50 of corrected vs uncorrected.
  10. All jizzed up! 💦💦💦
  11. Here's my boys mums SP23 i corrected and coated in the same products as the Evo 9 above 😊 Actually 1 of the few cars i remembered to take some before and after shots 🙄 The paint on this is R.S unfortunately but still comes up great for an 11yo car. This was around a 15hr correction though lol. So before....
  12. Heres my sisters fiancee' E9 that i prepped and sealed again with Angelwax Ti-22 titanium paint sealant followed up with Angelwax fifth element wax (expensive shit!) But looks amazing and is great to work with goes on and comes off very easy!
  13. Heres Dads 370GT after i touched her up and threw a coat of HD Nitro coating on her. Its a really great easy product to use and is quite well priced! No i hadn't done the wheels as the weather was turning crap and time wasnt on my side lol So just look at the paint 😂
  14. Its hard to really make white cars "stand out" but heres the SSS after just a polish and some Angelwax Ti-22 titanium paint sealant followed up with a coat of HD Poxy 😊
  15. Heres my daily driver the SSS with a fresh coat of Angelwax Fast Foam. Its crazy stuff there is still foam on my driveway 2 days after my car gets "jizzed on" 😂