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  1. HAHAHAHA! So you will make the same or probably less power than my car and be heavier with longer gearing? And will still be 1000+rpm laggier than mine? 😂 S15 is running what gearbox & diff you run bro? Oh stock 6 speed? Good luck getting off the dyno man...
  2. What are you basing these statements on, Or you just regurgitating the dribble you have read or the best motoring subtitles? A stock GTR will get CHOPPED by a newish auto V6 Camry and so would your car so put the pipe down son... I will borrow my brother in-laws Punjabi express and line you up when your clutch is fixed.. I will even leave it in D & not use sports mode to help even things up if you like? In fact I will even put piggy in the passengers seat along with our boxes of piss in the boot I'm that confident! Have you actually track driven all 3 models HARD to form this opinion? I'm guessing not? Driving piggies car in a straight line doesn't count. Nor does driving your car up and down "the strip" trying to see "who's looking at you in your GTR" in Bondi count, your car has done more km's on a tilt tray than you have spent behind the wheel. Hate to break it to you but generally speaking shorter wheel base cars make for a more responsive better cornering car. E.g.. MX5's, 86/BRZ, RX7's, Evo's etc
  3. Advertised on Scumtree now also. So keep the offers low and waste everybodies time. That way you help me fill my shed up with shit I don't need and wear my phone screen out over the N & O buttons. Yes i would rather fill my shed up with shit than sell to you and your sleazy offer. Thanks 😎
  4. $1100ono. Brakes will be off the car next week when new brakes arrive!
  5. The daggy caliper as promised. The rears are like the "good front" $1200ono
  6. Here's the good example. It's the other front that doesn't look good. This is the only pic I can find right now
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen up for grabs are my front and rear brembo calipers off my 06 Aus delivered Evo 9 which are currently still on my car and have travelled 73K only. They have basically brand new Intima SR pads in them (600-800km MAX) . Calipers have been sprayed yellow. 3 still look good 1 failed (issue with the clear coat) Calipers will be available in approximately 2-3 weeks time. (When my new brakes arrive) Brakes are located in Western Sydney area but can be delivered at buyers expense. Please contact Mick on 0423089277 $1300ono
  8. Thats a very big claim Geoff. So you think the 74mm turbine is still actually capable of pushing 31lb more than its original intended design? Why are BW even bothering with the 80mm Turbine if the 74mm seems to have all the answers?
  9. ^^^^ this man is correct. Forget the .92 just get the 1.05. It just works! Gives you room to grow, keeps e map down, will help alot particularly in your situation where you will still be on petrol, Saves modding dump pipes & welding gates shut etc its seriously a no brainer. I can almost assure you Lith will tell you to run the 1.05 too.
  10. Quite often if you own an oil burning PTE & dont have 16× 22 billion micron inline oil filters? There are Johnny that 1's for you 😘
  11. Whats your power goal? They all have T4 T/S options mate including borg warner 👍 Glad you can see the huge error you were about to make haha!
  12. So you have just spent how much on a donk from CRD? You are willing to drop $5K on a bucket of shit snail "to save money because it bolts in?" In this situation you aren't even "skimping" on the most important part of the car which seems to make it even more ridiculous to throw that HKS snail on! Sell your current setup to some other JDM bell end for a hugely inflated price like you are prepared to spend on that prehistoric shit heap...... Realistically it will probably be about $2 or $3K at the most for a new manifold, gate/s and a new dump pipe by the time you sold the old setup. You will probably save $3K and have a car thats faark loads quicker, more fun to drive & more reliable long term because it wont need 100% throttle & 6500rpm to overtake 75yo Mavis in her Toyota Prius on her way to church on Sunday morning.
  13. What size was the oil drain? -10 minimum on EFR's.
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