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  1. Mick_o

    R32 GTR exhaust

    Here's how it finished up anyways
  2. Mick_o

    R32 GTR exhaust

    I ended up making an extra bracket/hanger here. Its strong enough to hang off now
  3. Mick_o

    R32 GTR exhaust

    Thanks mate it turned out well. The owner said that it actually sits higher than his old 3.5" system too which is a big win! Car will sound great with my choice of muffs!
  4. Mick_o

    R32 GTR exhaust

    Thanks Brett appreciate that. I have all of those covered other than the box mount then. Will get the owner onto sourcing a new hangar for me. 👍
  5. Mick_o

    R32 GTR exhaust

    Thanks mate shes gunna sound sweet too 😊 Yeah I can and will add some brackets but there really isn't any signs of where the other mounts were or meant to be. Was hoping some of the gurus here would know off the top of their heads where they might be haha. Might do a bit of Googling I think
  6. Mick_o

    R32 GTR exhaust

    Its basically all built and mostly welded but it needs more supports and there's bugger all I can see on the body that will let me mount to. Appreciate any help
  7. Hi guys and girls im a GTR Virgin fabricator & im currently knocking up a 4" exhaust for an R32 & I'm wondering if anybody knows how many hangers there are as this car has sweet F.A support. There's the obvious 1s I've got on the rear muff & the 1 just before the rear diff. But that's all this car has.
  8. The man is on the hunt for data! Lol Its very hard to believe unfortunately as my experience driving the whole garden variety of twins on literally every capacity engine has been VERY different to what these guys are pushing
  9. Still alot of variables to affect results between 2 different vehicles. Shame it kind of wasn't a direct comparison on the same engine. Thanks for sharing 👍
  10. Cmon Dan... This thread is 1 big joke right? 👀
  11. 420kw. Remember this is a hamburger with the works? Salmonella included....
  12. How old are your tyres, what are they? Did Adrian remember to strap it down brah?
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