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  1. Theres been 6 votes for the 8374 mate take the advice. Its a beast of a turbo! .92 is fail on pretty much most EFR's & you'd also find going .92 and v cam you probably wouldn't be able to swing the intake cam a whole lot due to the turbine choking. 8374/1.05 & V cam is an absolute killer combo on a 26! Make 450+kw and be getting your face peeled off by 4000rpm. It will make 100+kw more than your current setup and will be on sooner, power delivery will be much more linear and there will be alot more of it everywhere. How much more could you ask for?!
  2. Bout time their premium ecu done something that didn't require another additional cost or box to mount and wire up! Correct me if im wrong but even the plug and play haltech for GTR requires an add on box for factory oxygen sensors?
  3. Bout time their premium ecu done something that didn't require another additional cost or box to mount and wire up! Correct me if im wrong but even the plug and play haltech for GTR requires an add on box for factory oxygen sensors?
  4. As GTSBoy said ditch that silly rear housing mate thats WAY too small for a 35R! Choking it chasing "boost response" is madness! Just because you maybe making boost sooner doesn't mean you will be making more power sooner. Biggest internet fallacy EVER! .82 minimum for a 750hp turbo.
  5. Know you'r only quoting claimed figures but a nismo coppermix won't cop 950nm. 2 people i know have killed them with around 750nm.
  6. Plug and play emtron will run V cam let alone KV8 👍 No silly haltech boxes needed either 😂
  7. If you are after a hill climb car a 9180 wouldn't be a great choice in my opinion. Sure its gunna make gobs more stick but itd make it bit of a handful and hard to punt through the tight stuff! An 8374 1.05 is where its at i reckon. More than enough grunt to satisfy any mortal man but still responsive enough to be a blast through the hills.
  8. Haha old mate pussy'd out in the passengers seat! 😂
  9. I stand corrected lol. Ignore me! Im just making shit up 😂
  10. What a beast the 8374 is! Even on an old 1.8L looks like shit gets serious around the 5K zone! Id imagine itd be a bit doughy in the lower gears but considering its a 79lb snail it doesn't look too shabby at all! Plus there is the EFR magic thats not seen on the dyno so it probably drives better than the sheet makes it out to 👍
  11. The odds of having a perfectly seated gate on a divider plate are very slim particularly with the expansion and contraction a manifold will go through with such a large range of heat cycles. Its gunna pass gasses between pulses that are meant to be split and create pressure differences between each side of the manifold. The divider plate in the wastegate line is usually a piece of sheetmetal plate welded into a piece of pipe or an elbow which probably isnt completely seal welded all the way through isn't gunna last long in that environment. With a few tack welds holding it in its place its destined to break those welds and end up somewhere it doesn't belong. Yes i know I'm being picky and its only "my theory" but i think it poses too many flaws to an optimised twin scroll set up and also jeopardizes the reliability and generally speaking eliminates issues within your setup. In all honesty if you can afford to buy a nice twin scroll manifold and a split pulse housing turbo SPEND an extra grand on the extra gate, some AN fittings and fab work hooking another gate up... If you can't "afford it" be a good lil saver and hold off a few more weeks till you save those extra bucks for a twin gate setup! Reality is its probably not even a grand when you consider the cost of 1 big gate vs 2 smaller gates and the potential time and money saved on dyno time etc. When you're paying $120+ an hour for a shop to work on your car that "money saved" on not buying that extra gate can soon take a backwards turn.
  12. Sorry to hear about the big head f**k dude! But as said above. Ditch the snails mate. Put 1 nice 1 on there and completely change how the car drives from Idle to redline 😊 Leave it in pieces till you can afford a manifold and the right size snail to suit your application. Again as some of the boys have stated and as you've experienced for yourself its A NIGHTMARE so when going to all that effort go for a power/ increased driveability upgrade while you're losing patience, the skin off your knuckles and hours of your life on those nasty ass twins! Swap to 1! Never look back and never deal with your current situation AGAIN! 😊
  13. My 1300s are the same. You went way too small if you'r aiming for 500kw Pete. Piggy is at 87 or so % duty cycle with 1700s at 486kw.
  14. Is there a sneaky 3.2L stroker here you aren't telling us about?! 👀
  15. What clamps you running on the compressor housing? Plazmaman?