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  1. Quite often if you own an oil burning PTE & dont have 16× 22 billion micron inline oil filters? There are Johnny that 1's for you 😘
  2. Whats your power goal? They all have T4 T/S options mate including borg warner 👍 Glad you can see the huge error you were about to make haha!
  3. So you have just spent how much on a donk from CRD? You are willing to drop $5K on a bucket of shit snail "to save money because it bolts in?" In this situation you aren't even "skimping" on the most important part of the car which seems to make it even more ridiculous to throw that HKS snail on! Sell your current setup to some other JDM bell end for a hugely inflated price like you are prepared to spend on that prehistoric shit heap...... Realistically it will probably be about $2 or $3K at the most for a new manifold, gate/s and a new dump pipe by the time you sold the old setup. You will probably save $3K and have a car thats faark loads quicker, more fun to drive & more reliable long term because it wont need 100% throttle & 6500rpm to overtake 75yo Mavis in her Toyota Prius on her way to church on Sunday morning.
  4. What size was the oil drain? -10 minimum on EFR's.
  5. Trust me when i say the 1.05 wont be laggy. I have an EFR 7670 1.05 on my Stock motor 4G63 Evo 9 and i make 500nm by 4000rpm & make 250kw by 4500rpm. I know its not the same turbo but it is 600cc & 2 cylinders smaller so on a "scale of things" is very relative i think. As i said save yourself money in the long run by "living with extra lag" its honestly a far better proposition than the abortion you are talking about doing mate! Essentially you are destroying a turbine housing making it not worthy of buying welding up the gate. You will also need to modify your dump pipe as the IWG housing is way longer than the EWG Next question is. How are you planning on controlling boost if you are going to weld the gate shut?
  6. Well you have done a big 180 on the road to a total f**k upville! 🙄 Do it once do it right! Why pay for 2 housings and 2 tunes and manifold modifications etc? Just throw the 1.05 on and save yourself the money and heart ache of doing things over and over again & pulling your car off the road again?
  7. While you are right that the car was running like a turd. I highly doubt the tune touch ups required would have miraculously turned that turbos behaviour around that much. It still had 3.2L worth of donk blowing gas up its ass. Nothing else mechanical was changed between the turbo swap.
  8. Haha dont bank on that with Borg Warner!🤣
  9. True but that woulda been 200-300rpm at best? Still would never have been in the same realm as the 8374.
  10. 6266 .84 Was a laggy heap of shit IMO Still took 4-4200 to really wake up. Same car with the EFR 1.05 8374 combo was on by 3500. Its a Much better turbo. Car drove way better from the basement to the top end of town.
  11. TOO LAGGY! Driven a 6266 on a 3.2L with V cam and it was junk...
  12. Ahhh Fuark what a dope... Missed that bit! 😂 Well then if 98 definately 8374 1.05 😎
  13. Mick_o

    ARP do wheel studs mate 👍
  14. Not likely a 7670 would be limited to 350 or 360. My stock donk Evo 9 makes 325kw with 500nm by 4000rpm with 24psi. A well setup 7670 should blow around 420kw "all in" give or take. Id say 8374 if you were prepared to go V cam. But i personally think itd be a bees dick too big for a nice street setup. Though in saying that itd still be on around the same time if not sooner than a set of 9s or 7s 😂
  15. Heres a pic just for the bbq warriors & art dealers Benny. What ECU does this big spec GTR run? Im sure the blokes that help build and tune the tilton evo and the various other "fastest cars in the world" were blown away by your 257kw -7 build quality mate? Im sure they were blown away by the fact they had to wind the cas back to pull some ignition timing on your car because they couldnt do so via the ECU? Im sure they were blown away by the 1 "pearl white" mirror on your otherwise flat white GTR also?