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  1. Link G4 to suit a R34 GTT. Pulled out a few weekends ago. I've had it in my car for years & would have kept using it for the foreseeable future however I was given a G4+ as a present. Comes in original box with instruction manual & tuning cable. And of course the Link life time warranty still applies. $900 negotiable. Located Brisbane 0402646066
  2. Ok, just looking for injectors big enough to flow E85 one day but precise enough to flow 98 happily at idle.
  3. Thanks for all the help. Sub boy32 are you saying those deatschwerks are actually high flowed 550cc bosch injectors? Wheezy what brand injectors did you fit? What sort of power are you guys running on 98?
  4. Hi all, I have a r34 gtt with a gtx3076, link ecu, Walbro 450lph fuel pump ect. Anyways its time to upgrade the injectors, I want to put something decent in which will allow me to run E85 down the track without needing to change injectors again. I will need to upgrade the pump & lines when the time comes. I am looking at these deatschwerks 1000cc E85 compatible injectors: http://www.deatschwerks.com/products/fuel-injectors/sport-compact/nissan/skyline/neo-rb25det/1998-02-neo-rb25det/17u-06-1000-6-detail Now the question is, are these going to be ok to run 98 pump fuel through without having a shocking idle & part throttle drive ability? If its going to make the car real rough then I think I will need to go smaller now & then upgrade when I do want to go E85. Sorry if this is a newb question, I have done some searching but cant find much. Thanks in advance.
  5. I wont be able to make this & have my own timing chip if anyone wants to borrow it for the day.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Next time it makes the noise I will put slight pressure on the clutch. Is the idea that the gearbox is still turning with only a little pressure on the clutch & if the noise goes away that rules out the gearbox?
  7. Also have the factory shocks and springs, taken off at about 50 000k's - $80 still have Factory MAF Factory down pipe & dump Factory cat Factory exhaust manifold & heat shield Factory intake pipe, includes BOV return pipe & breather Customer made low point steam pipe Make me an offer All parts are off a 2001 r34 & located Brisbane South side
  8. Hi all, I have done a few searches but not found much info. My gearbox has developed a knock. You cant hear it when driving & the gearbox still feels good, no crunches or anything. You hear the knocking when parked in neutral with the clutch out, if you push the clutch in the noise stops. Its not always there, just sometimes, if I park it & the noise is there after turning it off the next time I start it up its gone. I cant tell if it knocks with engine speed, I cant hear the knock over the exhaust with a little bit of throttle. Does anyone know what it could be? should I drop the oil? its only a few months old. Thanks in advance.
  9. Still have below parts: Factory MAF Factory down pipe & dump pipe Factory cat Factory exhaust manifold + heat shield Factory tie rod end, still in plastic only bought it 2 weeks ago for $158. Comes with receipt Factory intake pipe, includes BOV return pipe & breather pipe Custom steam pipe low mount exhaust manifold, great quality & great condition. I bought this & have never used it, turbo would sit lower than factory position Make me an offer
  10. Screamer is on as we speak to might as well leave it that way. New 123S's are going to come in handy if the rain stays. We still bbqing if its raining?
  11. I'm in +1 Think I'll take the screamer off for this.
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