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  1. Spotted a pretty beat up black R34 2 door in alding a week back. Sounded fantastic!
  2. Hopefully soon! Starting a build thread as ill be doing alot of tidying up and some visual changes. Genuine GTR front end, all dents repaired and get it in primer ready for respray.
  3. Been a while since ive logged in, after a regretful sale of my R33, so I thought I would reintroduce myself. Im Xavier and Im from Aldinga beach and I picked up a new beast over the weekend. '94 R33 GTS4 with a stagea 25DET fitted. Im overjoyed to be back behind the wheel of a 33, especially with awd and 4 doors! Between the 2 skylines there has been various cars but they didnt compare to having a turbo straight six up front! Hopefully I'll see you all at a meet sometime. Cheers, Xavier.
  4. Sorry about double post. On phone. Please remove comment.
  5. Spotted carbon34 in aldinga a week or so back. Parked next to you in the yellow MR2.
  6. Spotted carbon34 in aldinga a week or so back. Parked next to you in the yellow MR2.
  7. Pretty sure you need to cur your wiring, nothing on the afm itself. You just adapt the z32 harness for the afm to suit the rb20 wiring.
  8. FOR SALE 1x brand new walbro 255lph fuel pump, in box. $100 1x brand new braided oil feed to suit RB20/25 turbo setup. Includes benjo fittings $50 Set of 4 16x6.5 alloy wheels came off a lancer vrx, pcd 114.3x5 2 good tyres, 2 shagged. Good skid wheels! $100 PM or txt 0425366482 Pick up aldinga. Cheers
  9. WTB standard R34 GTT sidemount cooler. With pipping if possible. As cheap as i can get it (its for a mates r31) PM details. Cheers
  10. Well this is the end of my build, Car is no longer mine as of this weekend. Now the happy owner of a Z32 300ZX, 25th anniversary model. I will get into another Skyline one day but it will be a GTR
  11. Item R34 steering wheel, with airbag. Good condition and Ill pay what its worth. contact details pm me.
  12. clean as f#*k S2 R33, silver, nice front lip and a good set of 5 spoke wheels on beach road christies beach 2pm. props if your on here mate, very nice machine.
  13. got a few bits for sale. all south adelaide pick up. best to contact via txt as im at work alot at odd hours. RB20/25 S/S turbo manifold, top mount with 50mm ext wastegate port. used $150 RB25 standard turbo manifold $50 RB25 standard inlet manifold with injectors and throttle body $80 RB20/25 braided oil feed for turbo $50 R33 bootlid, S1 wine red, small bit of surface rust on edge $50 R33 short shifter (ebay cheapie, needs screws $40
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