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  1. Hahaha... Just saw original post date.... Wouldn't happen to still have it?
  2. Where are you located? I have a alpine MRX-F30 amp... Or also a set of 18's BIM Ziet's...
  3. Looking at selling my E46 to clear up some debt..... I don't want to but the banks own me! Will get some more details up soon.... But here's the basics.... 2001 E46 323Ci 5 Speed Manual Black Black leather interior 19in CSL Reps (Will also come with stock rims) Long rego and will sell with RWC 11kono..... (Will be listed on car sales today for more! So buy here cheap!) Located Eastern Suburbs Melbourne
  4. I'd be taking that..... my safc was 150...
  5. Hey all! Just a couple of snaps I took at WTAC! Check the rest out at http://www.facebook.com/TeamTuffcore - With more to be uploaded soon!
  6. Hi all, Looking for a good working condition CAS for an RB25 series 1 (R33) Cheers Nick
  7. great thread but unfortunately that is for a standard rb25... i need one for the extra height of the 25/30! Help!
  8. Sooooooooo.... I'm having trouble setting the timing on my freshly slapped together RB25/30.... Tensioner has been relocated to above water pump.... 152 Tooth belt... Lined up everything but and the first time engine started fine, idled fine, but no power AT ALL!!! played with the timing a lot and thought it might have been one or two teeth out but couldnt get it to run any better.... actually made it worse. So i'm starting again, and need to know the count of teeth required between each mark..... I know that its supposed to be 38 teeth between the two cam gear marks, but what is needed from crank mark to exhaust cam gear? I have searched many forums but to no avail!?! Help!! NEED IT DONE BY AUGUST WINTON!!!
  9. I'm planning on slapping together a 25/30 for round 2 on the 14th of July and i'll be running a TD06-20g High mount..... I shall inform you of how it goes!
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