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  1. Got for sale Front only R34 GTR Calipers and DBA T3 4000 Rotors Rotors in very good condition (probably 80%) No Pads Prefer pickup $1000 for both
  2. Guys you can have as little as the one participant for SAU but I am sure you guys can muster up 5 at least.
  3. From what I know SAU is the largest club in Australia it will be a pity if they dont put together a team.
  4. Looking at a R34 GT-R 6u9000bnr34401050 Thanks for this
  5. Henry if you like you can meet us at the lunch spot. At least you get to meet everyone. Just an option, ofcourse depends where you work.
  6. Sorry for the late notice and I apologise but this is a strictly a GT-R Only Cruise. Only GT-R owners are invited (this time). This is the last one (GT-R Only) event GTCC will do so next cruise will be opened to all cars. If you own a GT-R please email me and I will email you back the details. Rain or Shine it will go ahead. The cruise is a leisurely drive and NOT a race. It is to celebrate owning such Japanese iconic vehicle. Sponsored by GT-R Owners Club, VSpec Performance, GT Car Club and Estblshd ( Any questions please email me. Regards Brandon brandon @
  7. I'll come to the meet if weather is ok
  8. Something like this?
  9. Thanks mate! Jack did all the hard work. I have known the car since my first R33 GTR and so when it came up for sale I had to get it.
  10. yes Jacks old car.
  11. LMGT4s Track Rims
  12. Beautiful stance and fitment. What size offset is that?
  13. My Pride and Joy. LMGT4's Track Rims