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  1. Did you fit a manual cluster or still got the auto one in
  2. could be a problem elsewhere? Cluster ? Even the speedo itself
  3. Read somewhere s1 to s2 box the wires are opposite try yellow to black perhaps?
  4. Speedo- yellow to brown grey to black whichever plug that makes sense for
  5. Reverse lights - red to red, other wire goes into the black/pink and grey , 3 wires connected speedo straight swap with the auto speedo neutral switch is the only one I havnt worked out now
  6. My manual conversion is done apart from wiring up the reverse lights and neutral switch
  7. Here’s my loom and the 4 wires from neutral and reverse
  8. Yeah I tried that it didn’t work photos if possible would be really great thanks!
  9. sean133

    I read the red on reverse goes to the red on the loom and the green on reverse needs an earth but that doesn’t work and the other 2 I have hanging off the loom are meant for the neutral switch but I don’t notice it run any different when connected
  10. Any help appreciated searched for hours going through all pages so if I’ve missed anything I’m sorry but I can’t figure out what wires to connect for the neutral and reverse lights on a r34 manual conversion Ill attach pics of what I have I followed a vague page with no pictures , I’ve got speedo working and I’ve tried what they said for the other 2 plugs but no luck. Thanks red and green is reverse plug other 2 is neutral
  11. Can you explain what wires you connected for the neutral and reverse switch? Inhibitor is joining black and pink to the grey wire
  12. sean133

    Got it wiring from the battery to the fuse box that plug straight off the terminal that has no point whatsoever, was dicky. Got rid of it. Back to normal thanks guys
  13. sean133

    I’ve checked the 30000 ones inside too
  14. I have no ignition or accessory power when I turn the key. Battery has charge and is fine, I’ve been researching all night but I cannot find any wiring pin outs or how to test my ignition plugs (cant even find plug pin outs) I’ve got the workshop manual and I’ve been through the whole thing, nothing helped. i basically need help with how and what to test for power/earth as I think its probably something very simple. Ive checked the ignition fuse in the bay too and swapped others in to try that. Thanks sean
  15. sean133

    Txt me on 0421549607 rb20 bare motor (or can come with bolt ons just ask) $500 Comp tested this week 140 on all cylinders Rb25 box $1100 Hardy spicer tailshaft suite rb25 in r32 $200 HSD coilovers r32 set base height adjustable $600 Velo gp90 brand new L $650 comes with plates to mount Sparco deep dish wheel genuine brand new $250 kazama s13/r32 castor arms &150 Rear ISC camber arms suite same $100 s14 power steering rack new boots, rod ends and lock spacers $100 nismo engine mounts rb20 brand new $100 Parting complete r32 just ask for parts got lot of stuff Text me don't pm me