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  1. BUMP...car now has new rear shocks, 6 months rego and a RWC
  2. Item: 1984 Series 3 Rx7 with series 4 13b turbo Location: Gladstone, QLD Item Condition: VGC Reason for Selling: Selling because im leaving to the air force in 2 months and the car wont be coming with me Price and Payment Conditions: $11,000 is sorta what im looking at lots of money has been spent with parts and professional work. Will come with 6 months rego and will be getting a rwc in a couple of weeks so all you have to do is inspect the car, sign the forms, pay the cash and you can take the car that day. Engine and driveline: Series 4 13bt motor (55,000kms approx} series 4 turbo gearbox Microtech lt10s computer EFI fully electronic ignition High HP fuel system Port machined manifolds High flow series 4 turbo (14psi) lightened flywheel heavy duty clutch JAP performance turbo manifold 3" mandrel bent exhaust (under 90db ) 3" K&N cone filter custom high capacity sump Series 4 front mount oil cooler Odyssey battery Extras: Lowered Suspension, rear end shocks or struts may be busted so im fixing that problem in a couple of weeks while i have time to do the rwc. 17" apec mags, 205/40 front 235/40 rear Slotted DBA brake rotors all round with bendix ultimate pads viper alarm system (Remote Start) 2 front 6" component speaker, 2 12" pioneer subs pioneer and alpine v12 amp and pioneer 7750 headunit (05 model) Tinted windows Car made 262rwhp on 13psi however it has only ever run on stock boost 8-9psi other then the tune that was done for the microtech computer. Good chance it would run a 12 with a lsd or locked diff put in. Ive never taken it to the drags or anything. Have reciepts for most of the work. Always serviced every 5000kms and properly warmed up and cooled down before and after each drive. There are probably other things i can mention just send me an email if ur interested or add me to msn also i have plenty more images. Car will not be sold with my personalised plates but im filling out the forms to get standard plates put on. Car comes with plenty of spare parts, 2 sets of rims and tires, 2 axels, locked diff (4.11 ratio), busted turbo (good for spares), many other little bits that came off the car when the new microtech computer was installed. Contact Details: pm or email menco106@hotmail.com, or call 0438 825 861
  3. menco

    Gladstone, Qld

    This was taken off boostcruising. Bill may be there with his silver skyline not sure. his cruise is on the 12th March, and isnt that long of a trip, more of a clean the cobwebs out and get the car into 5th gear(for some 6th). Meeting point 8.30am Police Creek next to McDonalds in Gladstone. Leave 9.00am Regrouping points @ Calliope(Rest area on western side) and Ubobo(General store) and calliope(Rest area)on the way back. Destination Many Peaks Pub for a refreshment for approx 1/2 hour then return via Tannum Sands Esplanade. Road surface is from good to very good, most of the road has been resurfaced since the Awonga dam expansion, with only a couple areas thats may be on the bumpy side(but still better than our main highway). I went up there in the EVO the weekend gone with HKS coil-overs and had no probs. Some good free flowing corners on newly sealed roads. All round a good scenic trip threw the Boyne Valley. What to bring. You Mates Clean as 'ride' CAR or BIKE Camera 2Way UHF, we'll be using channel 16. Common sense. And humour What not bring. Testosterone and egos, and the crap that comes with it. P.S This isnt a drive to do stupid sh*t, so if you wanna do that, please don't turn up. Come join us for a top morning and meet young and old like minded car enthusiasts. See you all there.
  4. menco

    Gladstone, Qld

    hey mate im from gladstone i have a series 3 rx7. What does your skyline look like? There are a few people on boostcruising.com couple of them with skylines. There is a cruise organised on there for next sunday the 12th
  5. i can ply it fine with 1gb i can even run it on high setting with that
  6. so basically if you want a series 3 you look for the garret turbo? Do you know anywhere that shows the extras for the cars? Like some came with tv instead of the guages i read somewhere and im sure there are quite a few more.
  7. well im probably going to be living on base in victoria so that probably mean im living there im not sure. Someone told me the situation may be different cause im with the military and i have to move around alot neways and i wont have to abide by the power to weight law either. Not sure if this is true or not.
  8. ok i wasnt sure if i could use a qld lisence for a year in vic if i will be driving a vic car aswell
  9. i would say 13k would be more like it. My series 3 with pretty much the same as that minus a couple of things will sell for bout 10-11
  10. compared to my rx7 turbo they look tiny...they would have to spool up nicely though.
  11. I just have a question about my lisence. I currently have my p's in QLD but im soon going to VIC for a year with the air force and i wanted to know seeing as ill be on my p's will i be restricted to which sort of car i can own with their power to weight laws? Will i also have to display p plates on my car? Even though i have a QLD lisence?
  12. Hey guys im just wondering if you can buy a bonnet and the top of the front bumper (where the badge is located) off a r34 gtr and put it onto a gtt? Anyone know where u can get them? Would you need a gtr bonnet for this small section to fit at the top? cheers
  13. farcry for pc is kinda old now im sure if they wanted to remake it for pc they could use the best possible graphics and it would dominate the xbox.
  14. i played this heaps at my mates were in a clan and all but he left now and i dont have broadband at home to play it so i have to wait till i can get a better connection but i think its an awesome game except they need to fix a fair few bugs in it still. Euro forces is coming out sometime in the future
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