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  1. Thats ok bec, am i able to get the Qu + 1 single room for the Friday?
  2. 1 x Family (Qu + 2 sngls) For friday night, thanks.
  3. Bec can you put me down for a Qu + single room for Friday night only. Thanks.
  4. Compound boosting with an eaton lol....
  5. Sorry Bec, Put me down for a Queen room only for Friday night.
  6. Put me down for Queen + single Room please.
  7. ford and holden both have to keep each-other in check with stock power figures, also the supercar scare shit will return if they go nuts. Ls9 has displacement and that is all and with 1.2L still isn't as efficient uses more fuel and needs more mods to be on par with a 5.0 on same boost levels. power handling potential? on stock blower 5.0 coyote many people have made 480-510rwkw stock engine zorst pulley intercooler tune e85 intake. ls9 will need heads cam, zorst intake pulleys e85 larger heat ex-changer(internal plenum cooler and external radiator) keep in mind here the 5.0 coyote has a 1.9l blower and the ls9 has a 2.3l imo stupid debate anyway, FKN v8 MATE
  8. Cheers to all who organised, was a great day and glad the rain held off. Will be back next time, hopetfully with more traction ...
  9. Ill run you also birds heathcote end of this month or next.
  10. Just checking, is that list complete as i sent forms and paid within the first day? Should be under : Michael Glover
  11. I think some of the issue might be the prepay, alot of people just rock up and decide on the day if they wanna run.
  12. Have done the same, is there a confirmation?
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