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  1. satachi >>> olds>>> im up for a carwash convoy at parafield.. when we thinking.. 9:00 7 leave 9;15 to get there by 10? let me know
  2. Hey my torque meter must be a Hyundai edition because it isnt working, anyone know a simple fix to this or someone in adelaide that will fix it cheap?
  3. oh.. Mossop check the RS260 bar later models it looks like a skyline bar im a bit of a fan of that bar and its not a flimsy not great fitting fibreglass option either which helps long term.
  4. Im sorta happy with what i have on my car as its the type i like and has a neat little nose cone (sorry old school rota talk their) anyone got any snaps of M35 bars?
  5. Talking about servicing etc etc.. Ive seen some HKS air filters.. im not into pods unles its a track car and has full ducting and heat shield which cops seem to love sticking yellow stickers on... and also HKS oil filters which seem a bit pricey for my ricey at 69+ shipping dont know how often i should be replacing this but i usully do oil each 5k and do the filter but not for 69+shipping.. anyone know what a normal oil filter cost and if the HKS air filter has much of a power/response improvement. anyone know a cheap source of hks filters or other quality filters both oil & air in adelaide? apart from ebay which ive only ever found that are in NZ..
  6. I know the guys at wheelworx have serviced the stagea i bought they seem nice guys, will let ya know how it goes need to go to them soon.. but may change to the one Brad uses its close to me and if we all use the same guy/guys they should get their shet together as far as m35 knowledge is concerned.
  7. do you still have a complete key set up and ready to go? or... any chance anyone else has a complete key blank ready to go or is their another batch on the way by chance in the near future..
  8. I would not highly reccomend KYB's my mate had some in his mazda 323 the old school rear wheel drive bad boy and they lasted less then a year b4 they seemd to get really bad and bottomed out allot.. i dunno personal experience or something but i will never buy that brand.. sorry to be bearer of bad news but cheap usually means cheap... and for suspension that means not long life span.. P.S. my M35 has nismo suspension in it well springs anyways is this a factory spek thing? anyone know if the struts would be nismo or just springs..
  9. Ruby.. i thought we were funny... maybe we = FAIL!
  10. Ok... what a little read i just had first thing nice bathroom.. no1 tiling the walls is pretty easy for anyone thinking about tiling and putting in a toilet is super easy just use fuller s40 silicon and wa lah!, paysomeone to do the floor tiles and stuff and do the walls yourself fit a toilet is like two bolts a tape measure and some silicon, then get a professional install of the shower screens 500-1000 or so its really not that bad guys give it a go.(reading up and asking some pro's some questions helps remember if you pay someone for floors you can pick their brains, offer them a beer it helps) second. that wood grain is the weirdest thing ive seen, someone should convert that bad boy into a funeral car for dead jap car enthusiasts now thats a better idea then importing it in the first place. third thing is im guna upgrade the deck and ill let everyone know what it sounds like, just waiting on brad to win the lotto and offer a free english conversion and im set chuckles. Im not really sure about wheather i beleive that the amp in the deck of a standard car is better then what is in a bought item, i feel as a music enthusiast with a 10k home stereo its more that 10k can sound great or average it depends on what knowledge/time is spent on tuning it (in laymans terms) and unless you get an ultra high end deck the settings you can play around with are usually very basic, but i will see how i go with a under 700 $ stereo off ebay, i only have limited knowledge but very experienced ears. i know what i want to hear, achieving it is another story.. wish me luck.. Oh and brad luck.. cmon no 7!
  11. Bugga!... i was guna bring my VL wagz. just jokes!
  12. hey are you saying i should keep the standard deck and speakers or just the speakers, the problem i have is that the original deck cd player isnt working and yes it is the single din system with splits in the front i dont really want the bose system too much to change. and ill be happy if you think the standard is good enough i am quite happy with the sound or will i loose that if i change the deck i know they do match the speakers to the deck when they do the initial set up in newer cars.
  13. ill come to a track day no probs but i wont be on the track in my boat its just a family/dog car but that would be a good day in the park. i just wanted to stir the pot good to see i got a response. cant wait for this cruise see what adelaide has to offer.
  14. Brad.. your supposed to be on my side buddy and i wasnt meaning the drivers i meant the motors, transmissions etc etc..
  15. Hey guys should i bring a tow rope incase one of the c34's breakdown. I know they are getting a little old these days
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