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  1. in excellent condition. grey in colour no scratches or anything. all with nankang tyres. 60% tread on two and 10% tread on other two. located in sydney. looking for around $600 email offers to jamesrussellcook@hotmail.com cheers
  2. Iv been getting this problem too on and off. start up cold. sound like its about to stall i just give it a bit and its all good...... and 1 got any ideas ?
  3. Forgot to flick the half lower switch and SNAP! great. Thanks garage door. Now i have some long bit of plastic cord with teeth hanging out of my aerial hole, dangeling down the side of my r33. did a search on this and the results wernt very helpful. How much am i looking at for a new aerial installed and were on earth am i gonna find one, this must have happened to someone else. I live in Sydney around the Northen Beaches so if any 1 knows a place around there that can sort this out. Would be GREAT! may sound like a small problem but it hell frustrating! thanks guys
  4. i bought a 95 r33 gtst my mate bought a 96 180sx he has regretted not buying a skyline so badly, 4 cylender sux hard YOU have nothing untill turbo comes on. Skyline dominates it in torq. up hills 180 never has a chance. and my mate still hasnt beaten me in a drag. 6 nill. Skyline looks better + 4 std weels r gay limeted options if u wanna put mags on and that. Skyline has much better street presence. o also sound heaps btter! i think 180's are crap. just my opnions
  5. Looks like Ford finally got the right idea... (sall about the Turbo's) i Like them allot. I think if you pay an extra 3 grand when you buy one you can get another company to add on like 90 kw (not sure how much but a fair bit for 3k) i want one.
  6. My mate just bought the faaarkin cleanest 180 i have ever seen! 97 with round rear lights. its got all the mods u want. 20 000km mad new turbo smashes everything including my Skyline
  7. Thanks jay and carlo. But is it true that, Any exaust other than stock is illegal..... He was really pushing that point. It seems wrong that i get fined for having a different exhaust, when the cop dosnt even know if its over the limit.. shouldent it be. You get tested if its over the limit you get fined....
  8. Today i was pulled over in Mosman and defected for my exaust. The cop was an absolute prick! iv been pulled over so manny times and i have a perfect record no cop has ever said anythign about my exaust or anything. This dood though i was sus because i was quote "avoiding him in the back streets" i told him this was the way home... idiot anyways he tells me that "Anything that isnt stock is illegal......" ummmm Im pritty sure this is bullshit. Can some 1 help me out here ? so that means that the 2 skylines and the lancer that passed me when i was pulled over are all gonna get defected...... The exaust is just your typical Skyline canon 3 inch from the turbo back not overly loud im pritty sure it will be under 90 decibals.. i told him that it would be legal n he told me not to step in the fire.......... what a poof! He said its a $125 fine for just having it on my car.... and im gonna have to go get it tested by some 1 when i get the defect notice... this DOES not seem right.. Can some 1 shed some light on whats happened. Im going to challenge the fine. thanks.
  9. Nismo racing blue is nice. Then again a hardcore Pearl white is classy!
  10. Will rims that fit a 200sx fit a r33 skyline ?
  11. Omg im stuped i posted it twice sorry. What do u expect from a P plater in a skyline......
  12. i Bought my R33 M-spec (1995) for $17 750 with 71 000 km in absolutly immaculate condition and 2 years warrenty! (private seller). Came with a beautiful 3 inch turbo back exaust, K&N pod filter and boost guage. No Massive Mods. so that would leave u just about enough to put some nice 18's with good tred or a FMIC (rember stock width is usually 205mm, pin dick if your gonna put the boost up). Save up for Eboost and pump that boost up to 12 and wax thoes 180s But yeah u get the idea of prices from every 1. **** the dealers.
  13. I did some recearch when looking for my Skyline. Called my uncle who knows a bloke in tamworth who sells them at a dealership. Asked if there is anything too look out for. He said Skylines are quite sound cars with no major problem to look out for... Basicially stay away from heavely modded 1's that u think have been thrashed or drifted on dirt tracks ect. Bit of a quick checklist rust compliance date reason for selling has it got service record in aus is the body straight any crash history tyre condition scrtches on paintwork seat ware proof that km are genuin weel shaking tampering with dash skrews(puting back km's) km numbers arnt alined air bubbles in water stained dip stick put your hand over the muffler see if it stalls ( back pressure ) power steering leeks highpressure leeks from the steering box windscreen chips smooth gearbox change wine noise in geerbox shoks push down if they bounce they r stuffed weel alighnment normal oil pressure Hears a more detailed checklist: Examine in daytime Examine in clear weather Check for nicks and scratches Check for thin, worn paint Check for big defects (costly) and not minor repairs General look around the outside of the car. Examine both sides of the car from a distance (both front and back). Look for ripples, waves, poorly fitted panels and mismatched colors. Look for dents or rust around the bottom of the doors and fenders. Check for bubbles along molding or chrome (indicates rust underneath). Look under the vehicle for rust Check for welding spots on the frame (serious accident or repairs). Open and close the doors, hood, trunk or hatchback. Stand back approximately 10 to 15 feet from the car and see if the car is level. Check the shocks by pushing down on each corner of the car and letting go. Check the tires (sidewall cracks, uneven tire wear, brake fluid leakage) Look under the car for: oil spots, or transmission fluid or power steering fluid or shock absorber fluid. Open the hood and check belts and hoses for cracks or wear. Radiator coolant should be a clean, greenish (or blue or yellow) color. Pull out the oil dipstick. Oil should not be gummy or grayish or smell burnt. Check automatic transmission fluid, should be clear and reddish. Check the fluid level in the master cylinder as well. Look inside the trunk for an inflated spare tire, a jack and a lug wrench. Back Interior Checklist Check the mileage Compare mileage on service stickers (door jamb/under hood) to the odometer reading. Check the condition of the seats, belts and carpeting. Check the windows to see if they open and close easily. Check the brake, accelerator and clutch -- should work smoothly, no strange noises. Check all exterior lights and flashers on the car Start the engine and check the warning lights and gauges Make certain that the air conditioning blows very cold air. Check the glove box for the owner's manual. Do not be afraid to take up the salespersons' time. Stay in control Do not let anyone talk you into buying a vehicle you do not want. Back Test Drive Checklist Drive the car on hills, highways and in stop-and-go traffic. Start the engine and press down on the brake. Listen for noises which could indicate engine problems. Put the car in neutral and rev the engine. Check for smoke from rear exhaust. Punch the gas pedal. Does engine respond without hesitation then return to normal? Check the lights on the control panels--be sure they all work. Does automatic transmission shift smoothly? Manual transmission should shift smoothly between gears without grinding. Clutch should engage and disengage smoothly without grabbing Drive in reverse Does car pull or vibrate when driving on a flat, smooth road? Do the brakes grab evenly and does the car slow down in a straight line? Drive at 35 miles per hour and listen for any unusual noises. Accelerate to 45 miles per hour, does the front end shake or vibrate? Drive quickly over a rough road and listen for any loud squeaks or rattles. Does the car bounce or bang over small bumps? Check the temperature gauge to see if it shows a high reading Accelerate hard on an empty road, does the car respond immediately? Try it again. Accelerate on a hill, does the car respond immediately? Cut off the engine. Then restart the engine -- does it restart easily? Check for leaks under the hood and beneath the car. Check the tailpipe. Are there any black, sooty oil deposits? Does the odometer mileage seem to match the physical condition of the car? Check odometer for scratches, misaligned digits, digits that stick. Or get a mechanical inspection if u got the cash.
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