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  1. Hey Guys / Girls I have a DR30 Trust intercooler kiyt i purchased many moons ago, i did not end up using the intercooler as i ending up installing a bigger one, how ever before i curt the piping up to suit my current set up i though i better see if some one would want to buy the whole set up. I have only ever seen another one for sale on yahoo auctions JP and with shipping works out to be around $600. Shoot my what u think its worth to you before i chop it up. dose have some ghetto mode for a bov from previous owner nothign that can be fixed
  2. Up for sale is a set of RB20 Finned Rocker covers Great condition Currently painted Purple Happy To Ship Australia wide of $30 Asking $300 ono Pic up soon
  3. chinna

    2 door coup i take it
  4. chinna

    u after a little colour then mine
  5. hey guys I am wanting to buy a Haltech platinum pro to suite Rb25det s2 I live in tassie and i am happy to pay for postage cheers
  6. Hey Guys I have got my hands on to this thought i would share, with the good people of OLDSKOOL Fully PDF of part number hope it helps, its 75mb cheers If the link dose not pm me ur email i can send that way
  7. chinna

    if u measure ur spacing for the studs i have a mr30 booster laying around i can messure for u
  8. chinna

    hey stev i lost you mobile as i accidnetly ran over my phone and lost all my numbers can us pm me ur mobile also i checked with my mate about the 200sx rear brakes for u he no longer has them sorry
  9. chinna

    the best place i found was NBC: Northen Brake and Clutch had after market set with the lip seal on the outer bearing
  10. chinna

    pritty sure its this guy from member good prices
  11. chinna

    i am using the Z31 5 stud conversion from the turbo model on the rear they are a much strong shaft problem is bearing set are bloody pricy as it a specific bearing cost is like $180 for a set I brought mine from a Guy who wrecks and sells heaps of Z parts i will have to try to find his number for you top guy and prity well priced too
  12. chinna

    yeah its going to be a lot easier then i thought