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  1. Anyone got one lying around for cheap? Make my day and let me know before I buy it new in a day or two
  2. You’re right. I’m Sorry. check pms again. Cheers
  3. Any of you guys in the last couple posts selling ? ?
  4. As per title, after a CES front/dump pipe.. member here has one but doesn’t have the time to ship, so alternatively I’m after someone to pick the part up and post it via ego.. that would be awesome. let me know what you think is fair for ya. im in qld. cheers
  5. He might be on the forums dunno. I do know he’s on eBay Australia, is on FB, has a website just google venom exhausts Australia, and also +61 402 753 146 (publicly advertised mob). He has iMessage so you should be able to text him for free if u have iOS. Dunno if he’d ship overseas but worth a shot I guess. Tbh if we’re talking cats ur probably gonna spend a lot less just getting it done locally.
  6. Our 100cpi venoms on its way from george. originally received the 5" but our GTT sits fairly low and before even trying it on it seemed like it was gonna scrape on every speed bump. so sent that back and went with the 4" instead. quality seemed great and priced bloody well. customer service was on point too. so yeah i reckon venoms where its at these days lol and if anyone thinks it was a mistake sending the 5" back for the 4", please lemme know haha. i've read it shouldn't be a restriction til about 250-300kw, and ours is only about 200 right now
  7. Retails for like $500. Can get it for $400 brand new by shopping around/using codes/discount gift vouchers... still pricey for a boost controller so trying my luck here for pre-loved let me know what u got
  8. Either. Obviously I’m posting here because they’re pricey items and I don’t want to pay full retail but let me know what you can do. Goldy. Is it a bolt on for r34 gtt though?
  9. Recently bought an R34. Amazing thing. Shitty sound. then bought a kakimoto regu 92z from a member here the other day. Amazing thing I’m hoping went to bolt it on yesterday. Worst case scenario happened. Previous owner had the exhaust “custom” made and the decat that was used was clearly for an rb but just not the r34... the flanges are tilted the wrong way around if that makes sense. And it’s about 30mm too short. Pretty sure cats for the 34 gtt are 340mm and the rest of the RBs (r33, r32, etc) 310mm. Far as I can tell from aftermarket stuff. So yeah, sad. Catback dont bolt up haha. so I think best way moving forward is to get an actual cat cos the back of the car keeps getting dirty as shit and although the smell of petrol is nice, I don’t think that it’s doing any wonders for my little families health haha. ive read that venom metal cats and catco ones are decent. anyone with a spare hit me up, second hand is fine obviously as long as it’s not f**ked. Maybe ur going 3.5 and have the 3 lying around. 4” body or 5” is fine. Prefer 100 cell but. if you got something similar let me know as well. But it has to be metal core and has to be a bolt on for r34 gtt (so the only modification I need to do would be rotate the flange on the front pipe). Failing this yes I’m just gonna go buy it brand new but just throwing it out there just in case someone can help me out within the next few days Cheers
  10. My X-force really brings out the droniness of the rb and none of the burble ? I’m not TOO fussed whether it’s loud or droney, or nice and quiet at idle or cruise but the requirement is it sounds good when I mash it. I’m not sure whether it’s the x-force cat back or custom rest of the exhaust that’s making it sound like the worst manual turbo skyline out there but yeah. Just bought the car, and after sorting a few more important things like new clutch etc, I reckon a good jap catback would be a suitable place to start. I’ve read that some good ones are: - Blitz Nur Spec - kakimoto full mega super duper N1(but regu is quiet?) - HKS Hi power silent (and not the normal hi power cos it’s not SS) if u got something that isn’t listed here but fits the description lemme know
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