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  1. My X-force really brings out the droniness of the rb and none of the burble 😂 I’m not TOO fussed whether it’s loud or droney, or nice and quiet at idle or cruise but the requirement is it sounds good when I mash it. I’m not sure whether it’s the x-force cat back or custom rest of the exhaust that’s making it sound like the worst manual turbo skyline out there but yeah. Just bought the car, and after sorting a few more important things like new clutch etc, I reckon a good jap catback would be a suitable place to start. I’ve read that some good ones are: - Blitz Nur Spec - kakimoto full mega super duper N1(but regu is quiet?) - HKS Hi power silent (and not the normal hi power cos it’s not SS) if u got something that isn’t listed here but fits the description lemme know