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  1. Could i get pics and info of the DEFI gauge & Controller to shik@westnet.com.au thx
  2. how much would postage be to perth?
  3. Hey brendan and brett, i saw both ya cars last night at the silvia cruise, both looked awesome i was riding with a few friends in there silvias cos didnt think my gtst would be very welcome there, but i shoulda bought it i guess
  4. Mine was mounted in the ashtray for free when i got my stereo installed, it looks pretty good. Ill attach a pic not the best quality but u get the idea.
  5. I have an autowatch hooked up fine along side my hks TT basically you can leave the car running close the doors, lock the car and arm the alarm. once the engine shuts off normally the alarm automatically does the rest of the immobilisitation etc... if someone breaks in while the car is still running on the tt, as soon as the handbrake drops the engine dies, and alarm goes off. Seems to be a fairly flawless system..
  6. I might be able to come, could you email me the map please? Shik@westnet.com.au
  7. I might be interested in a perth group buy.
  8. i had the same problem when mine came over with a blitz bov, the stalling. You can adjust it in with a size 10 alan key I believe, the guy at xspeed did this for me for free, but if you have the key im sure you can do it yaself if you cant find the part to screw in i can take a pic and point it out for you.
  9. yep, 100mm, but when i took my r33 through welshpool they didnt even properly check, just went by estimation i guess
  10. could you email me a pic of the boost gauge too? shik@wn.com.au
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