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  1. this was done in the rain ,very crap tyres , clutch popping for drifts, it has never had this problem befor, it normLy spins up no worries, also foot to the floor in a straight line car spins first second and third normaly in the dry, but in the wet yesterday when boost was coming on in second doin about 70-80 back wheels start to spin but the it just cuts out savagely, normaly spins back wheels in second from about 70 to 100ks , so i need some ideas why its cutting out all off a sudden in the rain
  2. hi i need some ideas my r33 it cutting out when i turn the wheels in second and third gear , i rev it up drop the clutch and it spins for a second then looses all power but does not stall , it does not do this in first gear thow , car has all top shelf parts and is making 425rwhp on 21 psi . could it be the wastegate letting go for some stupid reason ???? has anyone else had this issue befor ? any thoughts????
  3. Oww yer forgot to add it my daily drive

  4. To many mods to mention if your keen for the list I will post them , 425.7 rwhp running 21 psi, soon to be 500+

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