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  1. Im pretty sure it's illegal to have a quick release steering wheel.
  2. nsw/act 

    To small lol. Thanks anyways
  3. Thanks alot phatt I appreciate the help
  4. Has anyone got a full respray from DT Panels? I'm curious on how much they roughly charge
  5. nsw/act 

    I'm guessing I'm too late to place a order?
  6. F**king scum bags
  7. All depends on your size. Im a medium size guy i have East Bears R34 on the 32 which are perfect size [emoji108]
  8. Has anyone purchase from these websites recently?? For the climate control unit
  9. My GTR currently undergoing big changes
  10. I will be needing tires soon, once my wheels come from oversea. dose anyone know how much I might expected to spend $$$ on 4x advan ad08r tires 265x35x18
  11. HEY ALL, only have a couple left now selling them $90 +free shipping Aus wide