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  1. If you already have a built Rb25 bottom end, try and get an RB25det Neo head. A lot cheaper and it has solid lifters I currently run an RB26 Tomei Type B cams in my 25 neo head at the moment, 260/260 In/Ex 9.15mm Lift I had to remove the VCT for this to work and use adjustable cam gears Anything bigger than 9.5mm lift and you'll need to machine the head. I've never heard of putting a 26 head on a 25 bottom end
  2. Actually I'm out, it's my nieces birthday on that day
  3. Chris can you update mine to a possible +2 as well. Might have a couple of mates tagging along
  4. Not sure if you are still looking but send my mate David a message. https://www.facebook.com/GeeCeeCustoms/
  5. Sweet, I've got some old tires I need to get rid of Did I miss the link or hasn't Round 1 details been posted yet?
  6. Between the 3 cars Terry, Nismo should offer you a sponsorship lol
  7. I've probably asked you this before Tim but where did you get the front lip from?
  8. Should get an extra point for a PB in the 11s. Did the car make it home ok last night? You left a fair bit of oil in the staging lane
  9. 265/35/18 hankook s1evo2 That was launching at 3.5k My last run i took off at 5.5k and still couldn't better the 60ft Need to work on how much clutch im using
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