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  1. Manuel Kasko

    Hey, yeah timing belt was done and the noise appeared around the same time
  2. Manuel Kasko

    Cars just been sitting around and being driven every now and then. Haven't put aside the time to pull things apart or anything yet. When I get the motivation then I will
  3. Manuel Kasko

    Hey mate, thanks for the info. I'm actually running just a genuine timing belt. Someone actually presumed the same thing when they heard the noise so maybe it is a touch too tight and makes it sound like the gates do. I purposely didn't get a gates because I saw so many posts about them being loud.
  4. Manuel Kasko

    Great vids Eric
  5. Manuel Kasko

    Good on you dude! Life changes are way easier than a diet. 10kg is a great achievement!
  6. Manuel Kasko

    Sorry dude, quit a couple of years ago. That place went downhill quickly as soon as TPG purchased it.
  7. Manuel Kasko

    Haha true!
  8. Manuel Kasko

    From all the threads I have read, it seems return flow is not ideal for trying to get past 250rwkw on 98. They just aren't efficient enough. Plenty of people have made more power but it's normally with bigger turbos and better setups. Tuner didn't mention anything about high IAT or timing issues on mine, it seemed though to have pressure drop across the intercooler. Post intercooler it would hit 20psi and bleed down to 16psi, pre intercooler it would hit 20psi and hold around 19psi. Enjoy the 250rwkw though and if you feel like chasing down the issue then do that once the 250 gets boring, that's what I'm doing
  9. Trader prefix is a great idea, I don't think anyone minds them posting in the FS/WTB section. As long as it's distinguishable and they can't spam shit. Eg. One trader just dumps a massive number of posts for every item they are selling. Another idea is giving them maybe a gold prefix for items that are on-sale but give them a set number of these per month or something. Also have them agree they can only use it when the item is actually on-sale. I think also having the Wanted To Buy down the bottom of that list won't fix your issue. People are going to see the first few options, maybe see the traders but then won't make it all the way to the bottom to see the "wanted to buy"
  10. Manuel Kasko

    Currently have a weird grinding noise between 1000-2000rpm coming from the front of the engine around the CAS/Cylinder 1 Going to try get the CAS off over the next few days and work out if that's what's causing it. Video of the grinding noise if anyone is interested in hearing it. The video is just there for the sound, not for the actual footage. Had a few people comment on it being potato footage, the intent was just to get the noise not footage of the front of a normal RB25neo... Also have a loud fuel pump, so might pull that out and try cut a bit off the bracket and install another clamp on there. Hopefully that will stop the buzzing that it currently has.
  11. Manuel Kasko

    RESULTS & WOES Wasn't long before the car was finished and the results came back. Gotta say that I was happy but at the same time a little sad. The decision to go return flow was detrimental to the power and ability to hold boost. The car wasn't able to hold the 20psi throughout the rev range and therefor made power below what was expected of this turbo. However I haven't had to cut a hole in my battery tray so that's a bonus. Jez explained that with a better cooler he's pretty confident that I would see higher results and probably crack the 300rwkw mark. The car got driven home by my brother in law and after a slight hiccup with a misfire caused by a coilpack plug coming loose, it was back to me. I got to drive it for around 45min before going to pickup a mate and having the car drive like a slug. It started to not build boost and just wouldn't go anywhere when you put your foot down. Jez suspected a fuel issue and so I pulled the fuel pump out and found the hose kinked, should have replaced it but I pulled it off and fixed it up. Put the same hose back on and clamped it with a second clamp just in case. Pic of the kink: Anyways long story short, the car stopped running altogether, after swapping out coils for splitfires and doing a few other tests. I decided to bite the bullet and just get it towed back to Jez. He chucked a fuel pressure gauge on it and found it to have no pressure. It seems the car went from hardly building fuel pressure to just not making pressure at all. Jez pulled the fuel pump out and found what had happened to the hose I had straightened out. Hose was completely destroyed, I was banging my head because I probably should have checked it a second time. But after checking the first time, it just didn't come to my mind to check it again once the car stopped working altogether. Got replaced with some new different type of hose and did a road trip up the following weekend and picked it back up. We are now pretty much caught up to today's date. So the next few updates will be me chasing down some engine noises that I currently have and also installing a newly purchase MTX-L Wideband O2 sensor.
  12. Manuel Kasko

    TUNE & OTHER STUFF Car got driven around untuned for around 6 or so months, never hit boost and just casually drove around like a grandma. Got sick of never being able to hit boost, so I decided to get serious and purchase the last few parts needed for the tune. Got a flex sensor from America. Purchased a micron fuel filter Then it was off to Jez for the full flex tune. He installed the flex sensor, fuel pump, IAT sensor, fuel filter and wired up the ECU etc. The drone from the car is a killer so got a long hotdog installed to see if that would help (spoiler! it didn't lol)
  13. Manuel Kasko

    TURBO INSTALL & CLUTCH Decided to try the turbo install myself with the help of my brother in law. Got pretty far into it and then found we would need some custom intercooler piping to work with the setup. Also found why the car sounded like a wet fart. Got some more goodies from another SAU member. This was sitting in the garage for nearly 2 years. But it got packed into the car for when it was sent off for a tune. Looks like someone found a home during the time of me either being in NZ or it sitting in Sydney for 7 or so months. The car ended up getting sent off to the guys over at Import Parts & Mechanical Canberra. They did an amazing job and installed the clutch, cat converter, finished off the turbo and did the intercooler piping for me. Excuse the engine bay for being so bloody dirty.
  14. Manuel Kasko

    Yeah, I actually haven't checked to make sure the helical is still in it. Could have easily been removed before I got it. But when it spins in second, it doesn't seem to single peg. Looked up and all I need to do is pretty much jack it up and spin the wheel to check.
  15. Manuel Kasko

    It's actually already finished and turned. Just slowly updating this when I get time at work. I'll pm you the details