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  1. MASSIVE price drop - Advan RS now $2000 - Will not find cheaper anywhere in the world - ever Nismo Weldina Exhaust now $600 - also will not find cheaper anywhere and also discontinued Centre Trim SOLD Headlights SOLD R34 GTR V-spec II turbos $500 for both R34 GTR V-spec II radiator $300 R34 GTR V-spec II intercooler immac condition $500
  2. Iron Mike

    Braided hoses

    Hi all, just wondering who around town can do custom braided lines to/from a catchcan. No off the shelf kits available and spoken to a couple workshops that dont do them. I'm aware there are a few DIY kits online but don't have the patience or experience to be messing round with something like that so I'd rather just pay someone who knows what they're doing to do it properly. Please only recommendations for places that have actually done it, not places you think can do it. Cheers - Mike
  3. Few pieces still lying around. Will also have factory R34 GTR V-Spec II intercooler (excellent condition, no leaks), and radiator for sale soon. Open to all reasonable offers on everything
  4. Will throw in set of red Rays Duralumin nuts free with Advan rims. Red nuts on charcoal rims just to be bad ass 😜
  5. Both headlight sets sold. Price drop on Advan rims now $2400 Nismo exhaust still available V Spec II turbos still available V Spec interior console trim still available
  6. Have another set of Vspec II xenon headlights for sale in better condition. Was asking $1200 but happy to let them go and post aus-wide for $1000. No low-balls please
  7. Headlights SOLD Weldina exhaust now $800 Advan Rims $2500
  8. Just a heads up - a clean set of these sold on the GTR owners facebook page about 11 months ago for $600 AUD....and they were up for sale for a while....
  9. He's right. It literally has been done to death.....probably thousands of times.
  10. Congrats sounds like an amazing car. Would also be very keen to hear more details about the overhaul in Japan. The 33 GTR was my first love of Nissans in the 90s and I'm glad there's still a lot of love for it.
  11. Seems everyone looking to build big HP GTRs is going RB30/RD28.....or 24U blocks.....If I was building I'd be all over this RRR 😏
  12. Here are couple pics of the exhaust. Just took it out of box. Mint condition just needs a clean. Also to clarify, interior trim is for V Spec I not V spec II as I erroneously typed. Part no is 68104 AA001.
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