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  1. Exhaust temp sensor, R34 V-Spec As title, looking for a Exhaust temp sensor that came on the V-Spec models for the MFD.
  2. N1 Block Tomei RB28 stroker Tomei Poncams Type B Tomei Gaskets - 1.2mm 8.8:1 1000cc EV14 GT2860-5 LinkG4 Splitfire coils, grade 8 plugs Mines Super outlet Pro II elbows Mines Frontpipe Pro HKS Type-R Intercooler HKS Super Turbo Exhaust HKS Cat. HKS Hardpipes etc... First mapping done at 1.2 Bar (1.3 Peak) running on 98 Octane - starting getting some backpressure above this but will hopefully get it to 1.5Bar with 98 octane and E85 Flex after that.
  3. I need both OEM grille inserts as seen below for a R34 GT-R bumper, Regards, Christian
  4. Hi Phil, Dare I ask how much shipping would be to Sweden? if you would consider shipping it that is. Christian
  5. HC+ is supposed to be really good, a lot of Porche owners and jap tuners rave about them but may I suggest you have look at the new 08 compound from PFC, they are develuped as a endurance pad and are next to none, Mines use rebranded PFC pads FYI, always has.
  6. Well of course I will, just give me a few weeks and i will keep you updated.
  7. Thanks Terry, altough I prefer them with the collar or the plain LMGT4 plates i suppose those could be machined, just might have to send him a PM if i can get a machine shop to give an estimate on collars to match. Been looking all over so thanks again.
  8. +1 Does anyone know if there are any third party manufacturer for GT500 centre caps for LMGT4's? I lmgt4 don't have the two required holes to fit genuine GT500 caps, but maybe there are some alternatives for those.
  9. Seing you have a R33, I assume its the 32/33 model and wont fit 34 as it uses different MAF sensor plug diameter? crossing my fingers its the R34 version you have, if not good luck with sale!
  10. Thank you for the comments, appreciate it guys. Will have another big update next month so make sure to check the build thread once in a while. Dont want to keep updating two forums even though i spend a lot of time reading on here but i will however post the final product here in a few years though.
  11. My car when it first arrived to Sweden. Now being fully restored, please have a read at, http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/169318-my-first-projekt-bnr34-mpii.html
  12. Suggest you use Nissan FAST or website below to find out the correct partnumber and contact your local Nissan dealer, they should have most of it in stock as its commanly used across several models within Nissan. http://www.netred.se/fakethinkpad/SPD/drawing.aspx?menuID=141
  13. Hi Steve, PM sent, post on here if you dont get my message with my email adress for contact. Christian
  14. Cheers Paul, Appreciate the input as I´m looking for a track day friendly exhaust that’s compatible with the mines front pipe, and as the Mines Ti system is rarely available on the second hand market I need to find an alternative route. What front pipe are you running? or do you happen to know the pipe dimension at the front pipe end?
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