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  1. was enjoying them, but they are all over now, untill christmas. hmm... im off to make my cristmas wish list.
  2. on saturday i picked up a manual ea falcon from a friend in town and took it home to start making it drivable. it was never my intention to fix it for my first car as that would be prtty much imposible since it got rust everywhere(except for the plastic bits ) so with some basic tools and a budget of $0 i tryed to make it drivable. the first turn of the key and it started, i was quite shocked since it haddent started in about a year and tried to put it in gear but there was no clutch. i inspected the cable and found that the firewall around the cable had been ripped out so i made a bracket to fix it and the clutch was perfect. then it was onto the radio, it was still the original one and it still works (and is for sale!) but it was not to my likeing so i took it out and put in an old radio i had lying around. i liked this radio as it has AUX in so i can connect my ipod . then it was on to the selector boot surround, it had no cover so it was time for a custom one. i designed, tried, re-designed, cut and fitted, it all turned out pretty good. i think the most eventful part was when i "attempted" to put a five year old sticker on the rear window, it was meant to read "looks like HEAVEN goes like HELL!!" but because of its age, the words "looks" and "goes" didnt stick so now it reads "like HEAVEN like HELL!!" but i think it suits my driving style . i havent got any pics of it atm but will post some tomorrow if i remember/can find my camera.
  3. thanks for the quick replies and all the info, very usefull.
  4. thanks for all the help, is there any models that go from 0-9 instead of just 1-5, and is there any guides on fitting them? thanks again.
  5. I'm sure most people on here are familiar with the car at the start of transporter 1. my question is regarding the car, when he gets in the car he has a security system with a PIN code which from what i can see, cuts out the power for the car and i was wondering if there if actually such a thing that exists/is available for purchase?
  6. L's still a year away but i thought id sign-up and get some knowledge so when i get my L's next year (and hopefully my S2 r33) i wont need to look through old parts of the forum, spend ages searching, repost a question, etc. and i'll know exactly what i want and what to look for when buying. but yeah, their website still says 16yo minimum so... but if they change before i get my L's i'm going to rage at them
  7. i'm geusing this is still street legal isnt it?
  8. hi, by real name is brendan and i have been reading lots of threads and decided i would register. i havent got a car yet but look foward egerly to the day i drive an r33 home, but this will probably only happen when i get my p's so i will have to be non-turbo which sucks. firstly i would like to ask are racing seats (ie. sparco) street legal/willl the pass road worthy in queensland? also, does anyone know whats happening with the learners age changing, my brother said they were changing from getting them @ 16 with 1 year/100hours to 2 years/200 hours @ 17, can anyone shed some light on this? thanks.
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