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  1. Need to try and tag onto the Shooters, Fishers and 4WDers party.
  2. Berk

    Formula 1 2013

    So that's like a stator or something in between the two housings? KERS energy spools the turbo?
  3. Yeah, if you're in the right lane, you need to get the f**k outta the way.
  4. R31Club group buy? Can you say profit much? Don't try and rip people off bro. http://forum.r31skylineclub.com/index.php?topic=154833.0
  5. A couple of years ago, when I was 18, I was selling my old '90 Toyota Surf (Import), the nice Asian lady who was having a look asked me casually if I had had it since new. I looked at her for a couple of seconds and just said "No".
  6. Interesting, worth a look into I guess.
  7. I'll buy the pistons if you pull it down.....
  8. I got a TTR250 if you're keen for swapsies?
  9. Berk

    Formula 1 2013

    Great, another atmosphereless, underattended Asian GP on another standard boring Bernie spec track with no character that will no doubt come at the expense of one of the awesome European GP's, like Spa or Monza. Can't farking wait......
  10. "making sure the suspension is perfect" "this ensures maximum grip"
  11. Cornering at 2.9g? I call total bullshit on that one.....
  12. I hate all these doco's that emphaise the high level of accuracy of everything.
  13. Berk

    Formula One 2012

    http://torcache.net/torrent/93FDA2A64B889F447705E2A223E0CCDF51A1D512.torrent?title=[kat.ph]formula.1.2012.r19.united.states.grand.prix.race Here's the torrent, I'm assuming you already have BitTorrent or similar. If not: http://www.bittorrent.com/ It's two gig, but has the race, plus all the pre and post race bs.
  14. Berk

    Formula One 2012

    Torrentz, search United States Forumula One. Just downloaded it, works well.
  15. Need to set one up with a GPS tracker and leave it on the street in a semi industrial area of the north west. Would just be a matter of time before it's taken, then call the rozzers and track it, would probably end up at the same place as half the other stolen skylines.
  16. I can't believe they tried to push the whole track v's street caveat. What a bunch of nobbers, not only does it not make sense from a design point of view, why would you brush aside the considerable slice of the market who wants to track their car at some point. It's the kind of thing Today Tonight would try to do. Also, the thing I find funny, if the wheel had exploded on the street and say, caused a fatality, there would be a huge stink made about it, people would probably end up in gaol, and certainly there would be million dollar compensation claims, but since it happens at the track, meh, no one cares, let the hoons kill themselves they say.
  17. Edit: Just realised that they aren't cheap knock offs.
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