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  1. Any of the old school guys still around!? Was reliving the old times (*cough* M1 runs) with a friend yesterday and spurred me to check back in.
  2. True but it's unfortunately the most reasonable of the options...plus it always allow for fun in the future, I look forward to building a full track car one day soon, don't know what it will be though..
  3. I know right, tis tough having to grow up though...
  4. hmm just stopping through, reminiscing on the old days! rofl @ Josh's jz days...
  5. haha, i knew that'd be your response...
  6. Haha, I know. The reality is I just don't want that sort of capital tied up, I can do more exciting things with it. If I were to buy property it'd more likely be cheaper investment properties. Find me a decent rental lol.
  7. I like Riparian, I don't like the price tag and the subsequent need to sell in a year haha.
  8. Brisbane real estate sucks ass, where I want to be anyway...I need to be in or near the city and it's just too inconvenient to buy something i'll only live in for a year. I'll rent some heinously overpriced monstrosity until I decide if i'm going on secondment overseas and/or which city office I want to permanently locate myself at.
  9. not to mention rich mahogany...
  10. p.s. I just read the thread about street racing and Serbian wars...I'm disappointing to see it was closed - that thread was going places. Tsk tsk Marc!
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