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  1. Am also intrigued in the Albins v Samsonas debate. Seems most time attack / circuit cars are running Albins and many drag cars run Samsonas. Anyone with any decent ideas / info on why? I know Albins offer things like quick drop change of gearsets, but am wondering why the split and if there’s any data based reasons.
  2. Scene seems to be coming back...saw a group doing M1 runs the other day and some 18 year olds drifting springbrook. Was funny sitting up the top of the hill in my GTR, a mates Ferrari and a c63....a little different to the old days ? What are you driving now?
  3. Aren't you a savy social media real estate rental wizard?
  4. Haha, should be no break downs, likely take some of the workshop guys with us. Luckily the skyline budget has changed drastically in the past 15 years ? Will get footage!
  5. I’m actually headed out to Morgan Park this Saturday for a shake down in the GTR. If anyone else is keen it’s only $60 for 3hrs or track time. Otherwise, we should do a meet at sometime? What are you driving these days @666DAN?
  6. Well, hello there. I'm back in the scene with a 1,000+hp GTR. Let's get this shit started @[email protected][email protected]
  7. Any of the old school guys still around!? Was reliving the old times (*cough* M1 runs) with a friend yesterday and spurred me to check back in.
  8. True but it's unfortunately the most reasonable of the options...plus it always allow for fun in the future, I look forward to building a full track car one day soon, don't know what it will be though..
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