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  1. loz

    yeah BNR 32 is my number plate
  2. loz

    http://www.rayswheels.co.nz/ info@rayswheels.co.nz
  3. loz

    looks like more overtime at VISCOUNT..! Greenline is the way to go got my super streets through them great service about $500 for shipping
  4. loz

    I highly recommend them very fast and will allways use them in the future never had a problem
  5. loz

    MTQ engine sytems
  6. brand new bosch 040 fuel pump new in box never used $250 ono
  7. loz

    http://www.caraudioexpert.com i have used these guys never had a problem they are in the U.S.A
  8. loz

    This man has great wisdom follow his advice...! Trust me i have seen how long it takes and the money spent...
  9. loz

    Looks like you will have to a couple more shifts at dominos
  10. loz

    sent you a email
  11. loz

    PROTEC on welshpool rd can match that for you...
  12. loz

    Can i ask how much you picked up the lower lip for? currently in the market for one due too mine being repaired in fiberglass and just a slight bump and and mess it all up again. love the look have same colour as you but your paint job looks much better.. and the price on those LMGT4 rims please, you dont have to post just pm me. cheers..