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  1. Try Alex R34 GTR MFD https://www.facebook.com/r34mfd/ He may be able to help you out with this part
  2. https://www.facebook.com/r34mfd/ Alex is good highly recommend
  3. yeah BNR 32 is my number plate
  4. http://www.rayswheels.co.nz/ info@rayswheels.co.nz
  5. looks like more overtime at VISCOUNT..! Greenline is the way to go got my super streets through them great service about $500 for shipping
  6. loz

    Green Line

    I highly recommend them very fast and will allways use them in the future never had a problem
  7. brand new bosch 040 fuel pump new in box never used $250 ono
  8. http://www.caraudioexpert.com i have used these guys never had a problem they are in the U.S.A
  9. This man has great wisdom follow his advice...! Trust me i have seen how long it takes and the money spent...
  10. Looks like you will have to a couple more shifts at dominos
  11. loz

    Genuine Nissan Parts

    sent you a email
  12. PROTEC on welshpool rd can match that for you...
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