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  1. Located in Adelaide *Aftermarket Garrett GT2871R turbo, near new *Nistune ecu installed and tuned less than 1500kms ago, 189rwkw @ 14psi *Turbosmart Eboost street boost controller, installed less than 1500kms ago, running 14psi on high boost setting, motor has never been boosted prior to installation *Near new heavy duty clutch *Trust front mount intercooler *Turbo back Jasma Exhaust *Starcorp Impul 18x8.5" with near new tyres *Brand new KYB front shocks *King springs all round *Factory 4 Piston front brake calipers *Isotta wheel *New speakers all round *Pager alarm system *LED rear lights *New battery less than 1500kms old *Fresh 3 months rego Rare GTS4 M-Spec all wheel drive I am the second owner in Australia, purchased vehicle from my brother in law who imported it 8 years ago. Clean car with a full history, looks nice and stock, never been defected in its life Not in a rush to sell, only selling due to getting a company car, sad to let it go. Runs very healthy, all recent work carried out by Boostworx. Good for 230-40 ish with some injectors and Z32 AFM Please no time wasters, serious offers will be considered. $9,000.00 or swap for a Stag + cash either way if need be (for the Wife) 0450 906 438
  2. Spotted Dohmar two days in a row at the same time of 12:30 ish heading along Hampstead Rd
  3. Seriously mate take some of these "older" peoples advice, (including myself) we have been there done that, I wrote off my rx7 and still payed it off for the next 3 years becuase my insurance was void. It was so bloody painful but I had to do it. I could have repaired it and been in more debt but I just had to cut my losses and start again. I know the attachement you have to your car, but seriously sounds like an image thing to me. Trust me you will get over it and one day get another car you'll fall in love with. And hopefully when you do you will be able to afford it as well. Sell your car dude
  4. Bayside Blue 34 GTR Vspec on my way to work this morning, near the Parafield Airport, plates BNR34, Nismo wheels, I reckon he has a black 32 GTR as well BNR32 plates, always parked at the home maker center, tuff cars
  5. Ive worked in dealerships a lot of my career, the paint protection is an absolute scam, they make more on the PP than the car itself, when I was doing it (a long time ago I might add) I took a lot of pride in it so if it needed clay barring I just did it. I pre delivered Audis and Jags and stuff so it was kinda important
  6. Mate I had trouble finding one in SA let alone Tas, good luck with it
  7. Today is a good day for spotting..... Nice tuff black 33 with gold works me thinks on Grand Junction at Fosters Rd intersection, nice white 34 tuning on to Grand Junction from Main North, maroon 33 at lights at Gepps Cross intersection heading to the beach, tuff Black 34 parked out the front of Lumo gym
  8. I hear you mate, I used to PD cars for a living and would clay block prior to paint protection if I had too, I guess I just expect dealers to do the same, but reality is you are right and majority of the time it doesnt get done. Every brands importation process is different and the cars are subject to different conditions prior to delivery. High turnover vehicles are obviously better as they dont sit around so long.
  9. If its not done at pre delivery prior to the consumer receiving it, not cool. Consumer should never have to do it themselves
  10. If you have to clay bar a brand new car, your dealer should be shot. But good thing to have around for future reference.
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