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  1. Hi guys, Looking for a set of original (drilled) BNR32 front brake rotors. Preferably non Brembo but consider both sizes. Don't mind if they need machining as long as the there is enough thickness on them. Also a lower fan shroud in usable condition. Will have to post to Cairns at my expense obviously. Thank you, Luke
  2. Run both VIN's through http://gtr-registry.com/ See which Vin matches the rest of the car. Colour, specs etc.Sorry its not the perfect answer to your question but might help you piece together what has happened.
  3. Mine was doing the same thing. I put a second hand power window relay in it and works perfect since. I opened up the old relay and cant find any dry joints/issues.
  4. Understood thank you. So that vac leak off boost (PCV sucking air through vented catch can) isn't going to cause any issue to the tune?
  5. Hi guys, Apologies, I know this might seem like a stupid question to some of you. I've just bought an R32 GTR. Link ecu, single turbo etc. The crankcase breather setup is- all stock except breathing into a vented catch can instead of feeding back in before the turbo. Now based on previous experience this makes for a huge vacuum leak! Tonight I tried blocking off the pcv and simply breathing both valve covers into the catch can. The car idled at 900rpm (usually 1100rpm) and sounded slightly less 'lumpy'. The car is currently on stands so can't drive it unfortunetly. My question is...is it possible the car was set up and tuned with the stock but vented set up (vac leak). Or is that likely an uneducated modification by a previous owner. Obviously no mafs with the link ecu. But I cant see how the ecu can measure the air coming in through the pcv valve when off boost. Thanks heaps, Luke
  6. What digital multi gauge did you get? And are you happy with it? With past vehicles I've always set water for 100c, oil for 120c and a 15psi min limit on oil pressure. Note some cars will regularly see 100c water temp in warm climates with ac. Thanks
  7. Thanks mate, I didn't realise the workshop manual was so readily available. I've got it now and under way. Cheers
  8. Hi guys, I just purchased a modified R32 GTR and have a few little things to fix on it. Aircon isn't working and ambient temp reads -30 degrees on the digital display so the outside temp/ambient temp sensor is not working or disconnected. When running through diagnostics I also get a fault code for that sensor (21 from memory) From my research this sensor was originally located on the stock thermo fan under the bonnet latch. This car has aftermarket rad, thermo fan and big front mount. For the life of me I cant find the temp sensor. Maybe its been relocated or removed. How do I trick the climate control system into thinking its +30 degrees out side. Can I splice a resistor into the harness behind the dash? If so how? Which wires? Thanks heaps, Luke
  9. Thanks mate, definitely said t3. Even says so in the gumtree aSF. The owner admitted he doesn't kno a whole lot about engines, he's only had the car 2 months. All work was done before he purchased it. At what revs should a t3 be starting to make boost? I'm expecting it to hit pretty hard when it does eventually go.
  10. Haha 3 boats including the Ute was hoping the skylines would handle well? Looking at a series 2 gtst tomorrow. Owner says it has a t3 turbo, aren't they t3 standard? Wolf ecu etc tuned locally. But it doesn't spool up until 3500 to 4000rpm which is silly for a street car imo. Also doesn't idle/run properly with the AC on so no doubt needs another tune as that would annoy me. There's also a stocko one for the same money which may be a better buy. Will see
  11. Was definetly helpful and yep wouldnt buy one without a RWC, although I have before. Have a mechanic that is more than willing to put cars on a hoist for me so thats a big help. Ive seen so many piles of junk 300zx's when we were looking for Dads 300 (3 year search), I guess im expecting the skylines to be similar. Will see how I go.
  12. Im not sure if P+M still has the same owners but Ive heard good things about them. What are your thoughts on them for tuning etc? Just read the buyers guide, its all pretty standard issue inspection stuff so should be fine.
  13. Thanks mate, appreciate it. There is barely a car scene up here, let alone an import scene. There are a few of us around that enjoy cars but there is no events or anything. We have a social scene with the roadbikes though. Ill go and find the buyers guide.
  14. Hi guys (and girls) My names Luke, Im 21 and I live in Cairns Queensland and Im looking at buying my first skyline. Ive owned Honda's, an Alfa Romeo and currently have a XR8 ute, which is good at towing the boat, cruising and hooning (if your into burnt rubber smell, which isnt my thing) but it doesnt have the fun factor. My father has a rather quick 300zx that ive spent many hours working on (and swearing at). Its a hoot to drive, hence im looking at turbo nissans. Ive always liked skylines and beleive they are easier to live with then 300's, GTO etc. The skyline would be my second car/toy, hence Im on a budget. I want something that is capable of being a daily, weekend cruiser, and fun car. Big ask I know. Would prefere to buy something that is already quick...ish. But willing to work with a stock car if need be. IMO I should be looking at 95 onwards R33 GTST's? Theres 3 or 4 in FNQ that have caught my interest. Im fussy with cars and bikes but can 'tidy up' most things. What should I be paying for an average R33 with the basic bolt ons? Obviously every car has to be judged on its own merits, and there are alot of POS cars out there, but roughly what is a reasonable one worth? More importantly is there anything in particluar with this model I should be checking? Thanks and I look forward to being part of the community. Luke
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