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  1. - RARE 70th Anniversary Edition Nissan Skyline 350GT - 20" lenso rims with very minimal marks and 2 brand new tyres ( as seen in pics) - rego renewed as of 16th october - Factory heated seats - Full leather beige interior that only comes with the anniversary edition - Factory bose sound system with 6 stack CD changer and AUX - Factor reverse mirror camera - Genuine original skyline mats - no one has ever had feet on back floors, strictly on the mat, you can see from the picture - Strictly garaged only, pearl paint - vinyl wrapped roof and paint still pristine underneath - 3.5 litre engine (210kw - 223kw sports) - tinted windows - HID headlights - Regularly serviced every 5000k's - carbon fibre diffuser/ mirror wings - Original matching leather neck pillows Honestly I cannot explain how neat and tidy this car has been. Its not like most out there it is extremely clean and well cared for. Happy for you to do background checks and mechanical inspections. Will not disappoint. Located in Ulladulla but travel can be arranged. I also have a spare exact set of lenso rims that can go with it for the right price. $9000. Call 0488922779 (weekdays after 5 and anytime weekends)
  2. So I was wrong, found the blown fuse and all is well again. Was just a rookie error.
  3. Hey guys so im at a loss. Im getting my car ready to sell and this morning everything has gone to shit. I own an 04 V35 and now i have no back dash light, no radio controls and my AC is stuck on 25 at full blast. I had one fuse out by the foot but that was only for my mirror controls. Ive googled and it might be the finisher curcuit but no one is mentioning the dash cluster out from that issue. Ive booked into the auto electrician but its a small town and he sounded pretty stumped when i explained the issue. Any suggestion? Really appreciate any help i could get right now.
  4. Hey guys, I recently bought a set of lenso 20" rims with 225/30/20 already on them. I was wondering if they would fit my v35 or if i need to go out and buy more tyres? Cheers
  5. V35 Radio Extender Sydney Okay guys so I've recently bought a r35 and my problem is either the radio extender wasnt installed or its been removed to install an AUX cord that works through a certain frequency. Im looking to get a radio extender installed and work a way to also have an AUX cable, can anyone recommend a place in Sydney that could help me out with this?
  6. Goes up on carsales tomorrow. Would rather sell to a Skyline enthusiast first
  7. Price drop: Rego runs out 22/8/16. Will renew for current price or sell as is for $7000
  8. My V35 lights have a bit of an issue, everything works except the high beam. The dash light comes on but nothing happens. Any suggestions?
  9. Regularly in Sydney on weekends if anyone wants to work something out
  10. Selling my beloved R33 GTST 4 Door, Ive owned this car for a long time and loved every minute of it but i think its time for something new. The car has new brakes, upgraded front mount, GReddy electric rev/speed (bunch of different settings), fujitsubo exhaust, coilovers, gizzmo independent boost control, steering rods changed a year ago roughly, genuine skyline mats, good tyres, will provide 6 months rego (currently has until August). I hunted for such a clean R33 sedan when i first bought this car and it has served me well for the last 6 years. Im the 2nd owner in Australia. Cars done roughly 190-xxx, reconditioned at 130-xxx and has never skipped a beat. About to buy a second car so want it gone, it took me a long time to find a clean manual 4 door so i wont part with it to low ballers. $8000, located in Nsw coast but may travel
  11. Yeah im trying to find it if its under the seat. Even so i think i should be able to find where it bolts in
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