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  1. gtsttrk

    Wow. Haven't been on here in probably 2-3 years, good to see there's still a fair few familiar posters!
  2. gtsttrk

    As per the title, an EOI for any suitably priced R33 Calipers. located Melbourne, Victoria. please PM or reply here. Thanks.
  3. gtsttrk

    I knot this thread is slightly old, but is there any reason why you'd want to run a vented coilpack cover over just removing the standard one? Assuming it's for heat dissipation rather than just cosmetic looks. If you're not running a vented bonnet and want the heat to dissipate, just remove the standard one.
  4. gtsttrk

    Nice 32 leaving Deakin Burwood, heritage plates and had SAU stickers.
  5. gtsttrk

    Hey mate, would you separate the calipers at all?
  6. Hey guys, Selling a set of 6 (SIX) S15 JDM injectors. 480cc and a great upgrade for the R chassis or even earlier S13s. This is a full set of six, two a brand new and four have come out of an SR20, under 100000ks. Always run on BP98. Asking $250 for all six. Will be available by the end of week as I'm upgrading to 740s. Doncaster/Toorak, Victoria. Happy to post.
  7. Is this for all four calipers?
  8. Awesome, thanks for the reply. Order will be placed in the coming weeks.
  9. Hey mate, would this pump be suitable for an SR20? Currently it is running only 98 oct, but in the future I'll most likely run e85. Thinking that I'm looking to upgrade in the short time it might be a viable option. Cheers.
  10. Boarder make them. RHD or Nengun stock them.
  11. gtsttrk

    Hey guys, definitely giving an old thread a bump here! Recently I've just installed brand-new coilovers in the daily, however, what I'm 99% sure is the front left hand side now has the widely reported 'creaking' coming from it, as though I was on a wooden ship. I'm sort of at a lose to determine exactly what is causing this. As I said, the coilovers are brand new. Initially I thought it may be the coils 'settling' as they've never had a load placed on them before, but it's been around a week now and it's still there. It also appears to be creaking regardless of where it's driven, with the exception of going up hill (although that may just be wishful thinking!) Now in turns of suspension work already everything is fairly mild, and consists of: Nismo Front Strut Brace Cusco Rear Strunt Brace Whiteline Front Heavy Duty Adjustable Sway Bar Whiteline Rear Heavy Duty Sway Bar Whiteline Rear Camber Kit Tein Heavy Duty Tierod Ends I'm not sure if during the installation of the coils, if something else could have been loosened? I'm fairly positive that it's all good. Any help would be greatly appreaciated!
  12. As per the title, I'm after front and rear calipers and handbrake cables. Not looking to spend a sh*tload, and patient enough to wait for the right deal. Not looking for postage, strictly Melbourne based. Come at me fellas.
  13. Hey mate, how much for the S15 vented headlights?
  14. Good work guys, bring on this years drive!