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  1. Will take any resonable offer for my wheels I had on my skyline. http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index....D=6&entryID=317 They are 18" polished rims with Toyo tyres. Everything is in perfect condition, the tyres have a lot of tred left on them, not a scratch on the rims. email me on darryl.currey@boq.com.au
  2. Blitz white faced 1.5bar boost gauge and Trust A pillar mount for sale. Taking offers. Willing to seperate.
  3. Selling my rims I had on my 32 GTST. See pictre attached. Tyres are Toyo, with lots of tread left on them. Taking offers over $2000
  4. I am trying to sell my car. You can find pictures on: http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/index....D=6&entryID=317 The full list of whats done. Trust TD06-20G High mounted turbo Trust Frount Mount Intercooler Trust Exhaust Manifold Trust Wastegate, vents externally, so is very loud King Super-low springs all around Billstein front/ GAB rear shock absorbers Urethane Bushes 5Ziggen muffler (80mm mandrel bent exhaust) Turbosmart Type 2 bov (old one, not current shape) Ported & polished head Blitz FATT turbo timer Isotta Steering wheel & gear knob Autometer Phantom series guages (boost, Air/fuel ratio & electronic oil pressure) Autometer Quik lite shift light Zilux car alarm & immobiliser Bomex front bar/ Skyline M-spec sides and rear skirts Impul 280kph speedo and speed limiter cut Urethane bushes all around 17" chrome mesh style wheels (not the ones in the pictures on the website) You can get all this stuff and a car to go with it for $19,000 neg
  5. What is your favourite gaming platform and why? For me it depends on the game, I can't imagine sitting a my PC and playing a car racing game. And conversly wouldn't sit at a console to play C&C.
  6. What is the final boss? I raced a 34 gtr with writing all over it. After that I got lots of money. Is that the final car? How do you beat all the wanderers? I can't get them to race me. The back cover talks about a highspeed track. Is there more for me to do? Cause I don't have this yet, beside the regular roads.
  7. i agree with predator666.... I much prefer tweeters up high. Can't stand it down low, it's fine untill somebody including myself sits in the car. Treble is very directional, so needs a clean path to your ears. If my ears were in my knees it might sound ok. A mates swift has 3 ways at the front, with 4" mounted on the dash and tweeters in the top of the doors. It really sounds great, especially with the speakers on the dash.
  8. Sorry joshie. I am selling the car to put some funds toward my house I have just bought. I don't get enough use out of the car and I want something cheaper (and maybe more fun) insurance wise. I am after a Toyota Sprinter (or whatever they are called in Australia). Don't much care about the condition as it will be a do-it-yourselfer project.
  9. As it says I am wanting to sell my R32 GTST. It's white....... and also has blue/silver stickers.....but you could take 'em off if you don't like 'em. Under the bonnet is: Trust TD06-20g Trust External Wastgate (with screemer pipe) Trust Exhaust manifold Trust Front Mount intercooler Upgraded Fuel Pump (unknown type) King Super-Low springs all round Bilstein front shocks/ GAB rear Blitz FATT turbo timer IMPUL 280kph speedo Autometer Boost, Air/fuel ratio & electronic oil pressure gauges Autometer quik lite shift light Isotta Steering wheel and gear knob 17" chrome mesh style rims Pioneer 6" splits & 6x9" speakers Alpine head unit Bomex front bar & M-spec kit (sides & rear) ECU remap to handle 1.5 (22psi) boost Manual Turbosmart Type 2 bov Endless brake pads and last of all....i think.... NIZ30 plates (no point in me keeping them) Proven 227.7 rear wheels kw's. But there is more left in it for anyone willing to do aftermarket ECU. Nismogirl & Boxhead will agree on how well she goes. Asking $22k for pictures..... http://www.boostcruising.com/forums/viewri...php?entryID=317 PM me if interested
  10. NIZ30

    Dyno Results

    Mine was done because I told him I run a lot of boost and may have detonation problems. Those there will remember my bonnet went up ad other things were connected. The forms we filled out stated that the car had to be of a sound mechanical state. Who puts a car on a dyno day event when they know the car is not running properly. Your car is there to have the shit revved out of it two or three times. If your car can't handle that, then you should not enter, and not the responsibilty of the organisers.
  11. NIZ30

    Dyno Results

    Nothing, just better dyno......me thinks. The first dyno was really old, and not a dyno dynamics that's for sure. They told me a standard car usually read about 90hp in that dyno. If only I had some decent management....hmmm
  12. NIZ30

    Dyno Results

    Nah...can't make Sunday (dammit). Did want to go and spectate. But I am heading up to the Sunny Coast for the day with my girlfriend.
  13. NIZ30

    Insurance - Suncorp

    yes....this will work.....right-o It's ok...my car is standard too..... Suncorp....Rating 4, Northside Brissy, No finance, no mods (?)..... $1600 They told me that their system will give different quotes every day. So you could ring, speak to the same person, and give identical info and get a different quotes on different days.
  14. NIZ30

    Dyno Results

    I'm with nismogirl on the way to race. "Run it how you brung it" This is my dyno sheet......227kw
  15. Not mine, so I didn't set the price. PM me with an offer, and I will see what I can do.
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