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  1. Knocked these down to $2600!
  2. Howdy guys! This set is still up for sale. Throw me a PM if you're interested.
  3. So I can't actually edit my original post, but I fumbled the sizing. It should read 19x9.5 (x2) and 19x8.5 (x2). Also sold the car so I've pulled the wheels off for some additional photos.
  4. The car is being sold, but I still have these collectable LMGT4s with Yokohama S-Drives! Considering the S-Drives were $1000 new I think this is the best value combo for a set of clean LMGT4s on the market. If anyone is interested hit me up!
  5. Still up for sale, but I'll drop it down to $2800. They're in excellent condition but if you would like to see some close-up shots let me know.
  6. These are still up for grabs. There has been some interest, but I'm firm on $3K. I can PM close-up photos to anyone that's interested.
  7. RAY's Nismo LMGT4s with Yokohama S-Drives Hey Guys! Looking to sell my set of RAY's Nismo LMGT4s in 19x10.5+30 (x2) and 19x9.5+30 (x2) in Silver colour. One of the smaller wheels has a minor mark on the outer lip, but otherwise they’re all in great condition with minor wear. The wheels also come with a set of Yokohama S-Drives in 275/30//19 (x2) and 245/35/19 (x2). Approximately 90% tread left. I’m looking for $3K for the set. No trades or swaps. If you would like to inspect the wheels or purchase please PM me. The wheels can be picked up or shipped throughout Australia at buyer's expense.
  8. This has to be one of the most ironic situations I've ever seen lol.
  9. Keen. Still gotta get some decent shots of the new headlights.
  10. Doesn't get any easier than this guys: Edit: Comparison between 4300K and 6000K globes on the g35. I will personally be getting the D2S 6000k (preferably Phillips).
  11. I feel like such a bitch now...
  12. Come on V35 owners, step up to the plate if you want your ride to look twice the beast it already is. We need two more takers to complete this group buy. Confirm now and be known forever after as "the guy who closed this bloody long ass group buy".
  13. Confirmed List: Chrome housing: 1. 4evershiva 2. 81gSKy y 3.Nightcrawler SOUTH AUSTRALIA 4. Thinktea 5.Dog with Bone 6. Heretical Adelaide SOUTH AUSTRALIA 7. interfooler 8. bigdr33gtst Black housing: 1.Dreadnought 2.Megahowler Melbourne VICTORIA 3.Runner4life 4.Mayo_85
  14. Confirmed List: Chrome housing: 1. 4evershiva 2. 81gSKy y 3.Nightcrawler 4. Thinktea 5.Dog with Bone 6. Heretical Black housing: 1.Dreadnought 2.Megahowler 3.Runner4life 4.Mayo_85
  15. Too late to confirm commitment? If not, I'm still in for the chrome 2004 coupe housing. Let me know the payment details.