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  1. Galvsport in Perth have done the conversion using a BMW DBW motor, not that you could tell by looking at it now(a heap of modifications have been done to it). If you look them up or Gav rb28 you should be able to see the set up
  2. Yeh it would be just to make sure there are no tuning issues... I’m sure Nissan designed it the way they did for a reason just hoping it wasn’t because it creates issues with less volume!
  3. Hi Everyone, Just another case of me getting bored and replacing parts that don't need to be replaced.... this time it's the air chamber or whatever you want to call it from under the rb26 plenum. this thing.. why? Well i no longer have a clutch booster or the factory boost solenoid on my gtr so just had many of the lines plugged up, I also will be getting rid of the stock cold start valve which attaches to this and hopefully removing some (even more if going single turbo) of the 454397 lines that run under the plenum and make everything a pain to work on. It also serves as a great place to add ports for my MAP sensor and boost gauge without it looking horrible and tee'd into other lines or drilling into the balance tube above the injectors. so what i have come up with; which i have 3D printed and all bolted in place with the idle control valve I will end up getting it cnc'ed in once i am happy with the design and port sizes for everything are sorted... but may run a plastic piece originally just to make sure there are no reverberation issues. It will plumb to the 2 factory sources from the balance tube and as you can see bolts to the factory location, the plan being it's only a single custom piece and plays nice with the rest of the factory parts instead of having to change everything around it (other than new lines which will have to be made to suit). let me know what you think, thanks, Nic
  4. globe installed, should be bright enough for a side repeater
  5. I printed out the bulb holder/ socket last night so assuming i can find a globe today I should be able to see how it works latter today.
  6. Hi Guys, Bit of an update, gave this another go... didn't work changed some things.... didn't work redesigned the entire thing with new tools and everything... and this is what i got Now i wouldn't get too excited but it is at least a workable piece. I have had issues the whole time with the tool not releasing after it's set no matter what i have used I just can't get it to release. So this design actually has a 3D printed transparent skeleton inside the part then the acrylic is set around that.... which of course needs elaborate brackets to keep everything in the right spot while setting inside the mould. A lot of work for something so small and unimportant! While I am happy the part can actually be made and i can now make the bulb holder and call it 'completed' the issue still remains that the quality of the final product isn't up to scratch, around the tiles on the face there are still a lot of bubbles and because I haven't remade another mould it has deteriorated and the surface finish isn't perfect. I can fix the later easy enough make a new mould and/or sand back the surface, but the bubbles is a bit more difficult and unless i can find a practical solution that gives a better success rate i'm unlikely to make these for other people. I have enough resin to make probably another 30 of these which i will no doubt still try to do for my car but if I can't get at least 50% to set without bubbles on the front face I won't be ordering more (the resin is not cheap). I will keep you updated with at least a working prototype soon and hopefully some better news on the castings until then thanks for looking and let me know if you have any ideas!
  7. Happy to give it a go! If you have the design ready send me through a pm
  8. Hi Guys, little while without an update, spent the weekend at racewars so has boosted enthusiasm to get some work done on my car! I has been having issues getting the new plastic to print well but i think i finally have it, printed it in clear so it was easy to see any issues and pleased to say it all looks pretty good. added a few little revisions to tidy things up like the temperature probe; and why i bothered making this whole thing..... because where the ac box used to be is now where my ecu and fuse box live! (sorry about the crappy mismatched pieces most were tests to get this new plastic printing properly). let me know what you think, thanks, Nic
  9. Doing it from home, potentially looking to start up a business with it in the future. Building them for our own cars ( there's 10 cars between the 3 of us) along with other friends cars and the odd cash job that's over the last 5 years or so
  10. It's not super difficult, if you are mechanically minded and are familiar with the engines it shouldn't be a problem ( it's not like there is anything super advanced about our 90's Nissan engines). A factory manual is a huge help, goes through everything step by step and what and when tolerances need to be checked etc. get the machine shop to measure up your crank and journals if you don't have at least a micrometer, places that specialise in this work tend to be more accurate/ have more accurate means to check. Order the right stuff to suit and clean it, measure it again.... clean it again and torque it down! We have built 10-15 engines ( including a silly rb27 Neo and rb26 with 500+) without a failure/issue yet... give it a go! Always rewarding to hear something start for the first time you built yourself
  11. Hi mate, I've only just received the new plastic so been doing the test runs with that right now! Please send me a pm if you are interested and we can work something out. Thanks, Nic
  12. So over the weekend I fitted this to a mates GTR for the test run, from this.. to this in about 30 minutes; as you can see it frees up a substantial amount of room and saves a couple kg's in the process. Best of all no air leaks! well nothing significant, while poking around under the dash it turns out almost every join in a 25 years vent system leak. I forgot to bring the clip i made to hold the blower side firmly to the blower motor which is where there seemed to be a small leak but was fixed by pressing on the area so have no doubt that the clip will fix that. some thicker weatherstripping wouldn't go astray but trying to find the OEM equivalent stuff has been a pain. Overall though happy with how it's worked out and performs! Plan from here.... I have some new plastic on the way which has a higher transitional temperature ( when the plastic starts getting tacky) the current plastic is 55*c while this new stuff is 90*c... 55 really shouldn't be an issue but potentially a hot day in the sun might test that more than i would like. I have made a few tweaks just for sensor mounts on the inside so they don't just hang around in there and potentially rattle around with the blower on. When that arrives I can start making the few copies i need to do for others, then finish up the second half of the project... but that is much more specific to my car anyways. thanks for looking! If anyone is interested feel free to PM me, I may send to a professional if there is enough interest otherwise for the odd unit a can use my machine ( just takes 33 hrs to print the assembly)
  13. all ready for a test run! AC ducting showed up today, i'm glad I went to the effort of directing the vents towards each other because it turns out the ducting is rather rigid and really would have struggled to bend it nicely into place other wise. hopefully this weekend i will have some good news.
  14. N1 ducts could be done, but fibreglass copies are easy and cheap to get with no real downside? Vents are available from Nissan, I know they aren't cheap ( I have replaced mine!) but as far as creating every part of the vent to get it work would be a struggle to do cheaper and being such a visible piece would be difficult to get to match the rest of the interior and look of the quality of OEM. Mechanical parts to the vent and the slats could be done easily enough and they seem to be what breaks most often. door handles and surrounds can be done from Nissan for $100ish for both doors. If someone has an expensive 3D scanner that can create part files from it would be worth it just to have the files... but creating the parts from scratch would take hours ( atleast for a major rookie like myself) and be likely worse quality and more expensive than going to Nissan
  15. I have the nismo center caps as a single piece. As far as factory parts I had planned on doing exactly as you said but once I found out about the nismo heritage parts I didn't see the need for a lot of them. If there are any parts that people are particularly interested in I'm happy to try create a file for them though!
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