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  1. Hey guys, Selling up this S14 series 1 96 mdl... car itself is standard besides some basic mods such as the blitz intercooler, exhaust and strut bar. Car has 112,000km on the clock is welcome to any mechanical checks. I am willing to sell for 10,500 ono You can contact me on 0411577468
  2. there is already a rock band 2 but who knows when that will come to australia since number one just came out here......
  3. i had thought James imported the car? not actually build it?
  4. i will be getting better pics and have all details over this weekend and im unsure of brand.. i think its called "hot stuff" SKYWKR pm me a price
  5. sorry guys located in melbourne (western suburbs)
  6. Have some rims for sale that came with the car from japan... one rim has gutter rash as pictured i think the size is 17 * 9 all round and offset +25.. will be updated with correct details soon tyres at the front are at 90% tread and rears around 40 - 50%
  7. bump... forgot to mention preferably in melbourne please
  8. Looking for backseats from a r34 gtt... please pm or call me on 0433191766
  9. that definately dosnt look like vertex lang to me.....
  10. if only you were in melbourne..... i have a 2000 323ci goodluck with the sale
  11. Im on BA everynow and then.... havnt gone on for a while, but my nick on BA is taraxlemon.. Feel free to add me
  12. Im pretty sure thats the full do luck kit
  13. just my 2 cents..... but these type of tattoos are the ones you will regret the most later in life....why get a tattoo in a language you dont even understand?
  14. I seriously reckon if you got rid of the rear bar u would get more interest......... i do like the rest of your kit though
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