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  1. Like the reflection on the side of the car in this photo.
  2. Just a pic I like taken in Shoreham in Vic. Like the light on the car with the backdrop etc.
  3. It's 2.8 with -5's. Putting the V-cam on has made a massive difference. So much more low down and driveability. Added more top end but low down is the biggest difference. Step 1 Vcam. http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/460180-hks-step-1-v-cam/?hl=%2Bvcam#entry7619453
  4. I'll check on injectors as the car came with two sets and one of them was the ones we used but they may be 1000cc. Seems more likely. It cost a bit. I'll say no more Mick.
  5. Above dyno sheet engine specs. I'm taking a cue from whats above so this is what I know. N1 Block. RPM 2.8 build. (don't know huge details) Garret 2860-5 Turbos RPM 4inch exhaust (twin 2.5 in tips) HKS Vcam HKS Cam Gears E85 set up (Pumps etc) Power FC 120mm intercooler N1 oil pump N1 water pumps. Sard 700cc injectors Nismo AFMs I think thats all thats relevant. Has sump mods etc as well but figure not making a difference as far as power goes.
  6. Just a small change from the last time I posted a pic.
  7. I've been to India. Great place with amazing people and incredible life there. It is a massive culture clash when you first get there but if you embrace it you'll really enjoy it. Take probiotics and take them everyday. Just embrace the place and go with what ever it throws at you. On the whole they are very friendly, non threatening people. Have very fond memories of my time there. Enjoy. Mick.
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