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  1. Okay im looking for some help on exactly what part I will require to do the conversion, as I keep reading on forums completely different combinations in what hubs will fit, I would just like someone who has done this to tell exactly what parts were needed? As I've gathered at the moment its s14 front hubs and r33 rear hubs? ............ Much appreciated
  2. yeah unfortunately i split my old one in two and just prefer this one instead but until then ill put up with a standard bar
  3. hi guys just thought i'd place a post of my cefdog forged Rb20 Rb25 gearbox shimmed lsd s13 coilovers sway bars high mount to4 turbo, external wastegate 3 inch exhaust - twin flutes microtech computer surge tank upgraded fuel pump pod filter front mount 182rwkw 15psi then when i get a little more do$h, injectors and she should make a comfortable mid 200kw
  4. my daily A31
  5. this is my A31 cefiro i had it for a while now, but lately ive had 'alot' of bad luck with it cosmetically, seeing its one of the cleanest cefiros ive seen i would like to keep it that way Does any one know where i can get a front bar the same as in the picture?