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  1. This car is long gone now but i was limited to 334kw due to injectors definitely capable of more just dont how much further it could have gone. I believe its a solid turbo choice for a rb25.
  2. Hey guys just wondering who is entering the show and shine? keen to get a SAU group together.. who knows we might win best car club 😜
  3. Need straight subframe as the ones in my car where in a accident and are slightly out of alignment prefer someone in Sydney to save travel
  4. probably a long shot but do you still have these meisters?
  5. I got these work like crazy. I swear Ill never go back to standard brakes again lol
  6. Extend Motorsport do the same thing custom spring rates to suit your application heres mine cost me $1199 delivered got 12kg/7kg
  7. Is it just me or does anyone else want to see a Liberty walk style bunny kit on a R33 I was thinking of trying to retro fit rx7 FD rears on but before i start wasting money has anyone tried? I reckon the LB challenger ones may fit but not gonna spend 5K to find out lol
  8. just to clarify I'm not hosting it just attending and mentioned my car club SAU be sure to hit me up for a chat this is my car so you can find me
  9. Just wondering as I have entered as representing SAU so we can have our own section, Would be great reason for us all to catch up! Details for entry. http://www.night-shift.com/ENTRANT/
  10. I heard about them there near eastern creek right?
  11. Thanks mate appreciate it! been burnt with online purchases before just want a reputable source
  12. Its pretty random I have had high knock levels pop up just putting around 2000-4500 barely hitting boost then i get them at WOT but with octane booster i see nothing over 30. makes me think there is carbon buildup in the cylinder its pretty random but if i had to pick it would be up top 6000+ WOT im interested to know i would love to update them
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