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  1. Got filler on both sills and quarter panels, also fitted the flares to check the gaps.
  2. Got the second coat of KBS on the inside of the shell.
  3. Got the sill back on and a coat of epoxy on it and the rest of the engine bay.
  4. The KBS is just sealer will be using some Dynamat.
  5. I have had to strip and clean and sand every part of the shell so finally got the inside and underneath painted with KBS. One coat of silver KBS, still need to seam seal then a coat of black KBS.
  6. Update time. Having the shell dipped has turned out to be more work than I thought. About 14 holes have been drilled in the shell that they never told me they were going to do so these had to be welded up. Yes that is a hole drilled in the middle of the roof skin. I was surprised at the amount of rust that started to form under panels, I had tack welded the sill panel and two extra roof braces on to the shell and removed them when I got the shell home. There are also spots where it looks like acid is still leaching out of the seams. I was also surprised at the amount of body deaden-er and seam sealer that was still in the shell. The black shape in the middle of the photo is one of the many big of body deaden-er.
  7. Not local unless you want to drive to Shepparton.
  8. Yes had it dipped at Recoat paint stripping, they work out of their shed behind their house. I don't think Recoat smash repair are going anymore after the death of a worker the other year.
  9. The motor has been dropped off at JPC and the seats are at the trimmers. Cut off the sill to repair the damage. Had the shell dipped at Recoat paint stripping and have now started spraying the epoxy/prime.
  10. Bit of an update, got the front flares to a point I am happy with. Started on the rear flares, cut the bottoms back off and started again. Wasn't happy with the bonnet hinges I made so decided to use VE commodore boot hinges, had to create a pocket each side for the hinges to sit in. Also welded up some holes and seams in the engine bay.
  11. Playing around with extending the front of the front flares to the spoiler.
  12. Gave the starter and alternator a clean up and some new bearings.
  13. Started on the gaps and sort out which is the best nose cone to use, then need to modify the front section of the front flares and front spoiler. Also gave the engine covers a better polish and fitted some Mines triple flow cam baffles.
  14. Decided to buy new brake, got some XYZ 355x32 6 pot front and 4 pot rear. It might be a bit of over kit considering the hatch original came out with 13" rims and now is going to have 14" discs. Have 12mm clearance between the spokes and the caliper and 6.5mm between the inner barrel and the caliper .
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