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  1. RACV under dads name when i had my 34 excess from 2.1k ...pretty shit, pretty sure i'm paying 1.2k full comp
  2. Was a while back, saw it at blackburn station. Decided to take another when waiting for the bus.. Owner was a dad with 2 kids in the back i'm pretty sure. Spotted another red one in Box hill behind the 7/11 car park last week i think it was, the guy was leaving and it was freaking loud and sounded so good! There was a blackish colour lambo parked there in the same parking lot. And speaking of box hill, have you guys seen that white maserati always parked there?
  3. I'm always reading stuff on this forum and learning, never really bothered making an account since it didn't work for me, but finally got around to it. So here is my car, haven't got my licence yet.
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