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  1. Pattey21

    The setup for mine is really only going to make 230-250kw max. Setup will be hypergear 21u g2 (not g3) 350hp turbo,z32 afm and nistune and will only be running 98. Its purely a daily hence turbo choice. I was looking at xpurt 525cc or Bosch 550cc shorties as I feel anything larger is overkill and I don't want to sacrifice low/partial throttle driving and fuel economy. With the better technology in top feeds would there be much difference in economy, idle and off boost performance between 500-550cc top feeds vs 1000's. I appreciate going bigger allows for more headroom but i won't be going any bigger...famous last words I know
  2. Pattey21

    Okay cool, So to be clear half height for rb25det r33, which is what i have 3/4 height for rb25det neo r34
  3. Thanks for all your responses. I have contacted Nistune and a local tuner so I'll head down that route. Just need to source a suitable r32 ecu. Cheers
  4. Pattey21

    Glad this topic came up I'm in the same boat currently. Kudos Motorsports and golbeyautoparts to kits but I'm yet to contact them if the will be bolt in jobs that fit under stock plenum Waiting for a reply from Scotty
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I would like a link or haltech but I don't really have the budget for it. I have a friend with nistune license software so can at least set that up. I guess given my pretty basic setup, am i going to gain benefit in daily drivability and economy with either of these two over a power fc
  6. Hi gents, I am hoping to drive to a tuner with parts installed like you can with an Apexi FC but seeing what ecu options there are that can do the same around the 1k cost. Basically trying to save cost on labour by installing injectors, AFM prior and weed out any setup issues prior to going to a tuner. Other reason is limited option in Canberra so may need to drive to NSW. Other options I'm looking at is R32 nistune (as the firmware can now run vct without window switch) or Adaptronic as I already have purchased a hypergear turbo. My mods are very basic, hypergear 21u 350hp high flow, usual breathing mods. Will probably make 230-250max. Car is already tuned with stock turbo and safc 200rwkw and pretty good milage. 400-450ks a tank (half city half highway) So I have 2 questions 1.Do nistune or Adaptronic have this capability via laptop so I can drive it gingerly to a tuner? 2. Will either of these be better for daily driver ability ie, idle, partial throttle response and economy. Autotech in Canberra and some of the other tuners I have spoken to do all three options. Cheers
  7. Thankyou for those insightful responses.....called Castrol tech support and transmax multivehicle is suitable.
  8. Hey guys I'm having trouble finding castrol tranmax z. Is castrol transmax multivehicle suitable and a better option than castrol regular ATF Dex III
  9. Pattey21

    hi there do you still sell your silicon turbo intake pipe for rb25 ecr33? Which type is better? With or without the 3 rings? Also are these a direct fit to mate with the standard airbox? Regards Patrick
  10. First measured voltage at VCT plug. Requires 2ppl, as car must be in gear. Voltage was there, so removed vct and made sure it would actuate(audible click) and visually see the Piston move using the battery. It didn't the first go but then after re-applying 12volts it did. So cleaned it up, re installed with plug on and made sure I could here it audibly click/engaged. Ideally I could have done that from the beginning but nevertheless it solved my issue.
  11. Thanks for your response. Yeah this is basically the next step.tried
  12. Thank you for the responses guys, seems it was my VCT solenoid. Cheers
  13. Hi gents, Came back from a two week holiday and did a service on my R33 s2 Rb25det. Changed Oil, cleaned afm with electrical cleaner and swapped back from pod to air box and snorkel with trust filter. I run a air box 99% of the time. I was giving it a boot at night on Monday and noticed it wasn't as quick as it normally would be with less of a punch in the mid-range. Basically felt like it would on a hot summers day, rather than 10pm at night heading into winter. As it's SAFC tuned I can see the AFM reading as a percentage and normally in summer it would hit 76-80% and in winter 82-87% It was hitting low 80's this night but just felt slow. Started fault finding, re-cleaned afm, checked fault codes, Checked for loose hoses etc No obvious boost leak, still hitting and holding 10psi and turbo is not any less responsive than usual. Removed air box filter lid/filter/snorkel for a run and only marginally quicker but didn't seem like it was the issue. Replaced the fuel filter too, no difference. I then removed all corrections on the safc so it was essentially just running stock and I couldn't tell the difference. Kept doing runs with 0 corrections and then adding the corrections it was tuned for and I can't tell the difference. So now I'm at a bit of a loss, I don't have a wideband to see if the corrections are effecting open loop AFRs or if the fuel pump is dying. Had a walbro put in at the time of tune 5 years ago. Basically it's had the same setup, 10psi, MBC, return flow and full exhaust with SAFC tune for 5 years and all of a sudden it just feels like it's slower like it's lost its tune/less ignition timing. Any ideas, whether could be fuel pump dying, still a marginal boost leak or a problem with the SAFC? Just want to try anything before getting it on the Dyno. Cheers Patrick