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  1. Then proceed to the classifieds and check out my sales thread to get yourself a sweet deal on a replacement turbo!
  2. R33 radiator $50 Side indicators orange $20
  3. R33/RB25Det Parts for sale. All removed in serviceable condition in way for upgrades. Rb25 R33 S2 21U turbo- was running 10.5psi minimal shaft play (see vid) $250 Rb25 r33 split dump- has been port matched (to a degree), no boost creep issues $100 Rb25 AFM-$50 Rb25 stock injectors wrapped and still in rail $50 Apexi Safc 2- has a tune for 10.5psi, r34 smic and full 3" exhaust 205rwkw $180 Rb25 bov-$30 Can provide more photos upon request. Parts located in A.C.T happy to post at cost price. Cheers
  4. In the ACT. Pretty unfriendly with imports with regards to inspections
  5. Haha I was like "what's a CT2 as well" I think he meant to write GT2 as the stamp on the intercooler on top in one of the pics.
  6. Plan was to use something like this feeding the hotside to the top left. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293552927719 I know 180deg bends aren't ideal but surely one bending over 300mm (my current return flow intercooler is 300mm high and hotside runs underneath without clearance issues) Is better flowing than the sharp turn standard returns flows run.
  7. Right, didn't know their radiators were rubbish. Thankyou for your responses
  8. Good morning all, I've been doing some maintenance on my r33 and reckon I can make a convention cross flow intercooler fit custom return piping, utilising half my existing return flow piping. Has anyone used Mishimoto intercoolers before there particularly the m-line or s-line and how this compares to say a Hdi. Worth noting used in P98 setup hi teens boost 250-300kw range. https://www.mishimoto.com.au/mishimoto-universal-intercooler-large.html?utm_source=facebookAU&utm_campaign=DPA&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz8rdjISF6QIVTyUrCh2U0QHYEAQYASABEgINb_D_BwE https://www.mishimoto.com.au/mishimoto-universal-front-mount-intercooler-s-line.html
  9. For those interested with return flows, attached are the results for pressure drop, test points turbo outlet and intake manifold. This was done on the road not a dyno so the results vary a bit but can see the drop increase above 5000rpm
  10. I'll definitely do another one before trying again. Spent a lot of time doing a pretty comprehensive boost leak test before. Pumped up to 20psi took 20seconds to drop to 15. Might be the limit of the turbo, turns out the result which netted 250 by Dr Drift had an ext gate, exh cam gear and maybe a ported manifold
  11. Had a chat with Dr Drift. His had a ext gate and adj cam gears. He did have a return flow though. Sent Tao a message about upgrading to a g3 with BB
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