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  1. That is quite a sexy engine bay I have to admit. Mine isn't winning any beauty awards at the moment but a more updated pic is attached than what I posted earlier. Thanks for all the advice in this thread anyway, based off that and some other reading I've done I've decided to go for this and will mount under the airbox for extra stealthiness https://www.tuffcarparts.com.au/proflow-750ml-stealth-black-oil-catch-can-tank-wit~13846
  2. Thanks guys for the help so far. Yes I thought this also, but the cans I was looking at with the vent on the top still seemed to have 2 ports anyway. Like there was meant to be two inlets from the crank case where I only have the one (seeing as the two ports already join into one atop the engine). Can I just block one of them up on the can without causing any negative effects as long as it has the breather on it? Based on advice I've gotten, as my AFM has been moved to the hot side of the intake, and I don't want any potential for oil residue to contaminate it.
  3. Hey guys... Not a very frequent poster here so bear with me please. In the process of getting all the varying issues on my R34 sorted before I take it in for tune (boost was previously turned right down as I bed in a new head gasket). One of those 'issues' is with the intake piping, the oil breather line from the crank case is currently not connected to well, anything. It's just hanging down through the engine bay to under the car. Obviously this is not ideal and the tuner mentioned I would want to get some sort of catch can setup before bringing the car in. I don't want to feed the oil line back into the intake which I guess means I'll be venting it to atmosphere. After searching and reading through a tonne of threads on this forum and others I'm still no clearer as to what I need to buy unfortunately, as it seems all catch cans seem to have two inlets whereas I only appear to have one line that needs to be connected. Pic for reference, not exactly an up to date one unfortunately but it shows the line I'm talking about clearly enough. Can anyone advise me on this? Secondary question, from everything I've read for venting to atmosphere it's said the PCV should be blocked, is there any real issue likely to come from not doing that? Cheers
  4. Just for anyone who might be wondering, in GT-X models that included the Xanavi GPS/TV Package & Skyline Holographic Sound option from factory, the antenna booster wire is actually red with a white strip. There is still a grey wire with blue strip in the loom, but at this stage I haven't been able to work out what it actually does.
  5. Narrowed mine down to a contact issue on the TK20 Brown Connector (fuel gauge side) at the back of the cluster, as it has inputs/outputs for all the affected items (Door Locks, Reverse Chime, Speedo, Tacho, Engine Temp etc) just in case that is of any help to anyone else in future!
  6. Hey, Just wondering if you got anywhere with resolving this crissy? They are all connected in some way, as I have exactly the same issue. I have narrowed it down to the either the ODO/Speedo/Tacho cluster or one of the cables running into it, as generally by giving it a bit of hard tap or removing and reconnecting one of the cables from behind the cluster the issue goes away (until next time). It's funny when starting the car as you don't get the reverse beep or have the doors lock, and then all of a sudden everything happens at once, like a delayed reaction.
  7. Steering wheel looks good, you do it yourself? The leather on mine is terrible, been meaning to look into getting it fixed...
  8. I have an MFD Surround on order from Nissan, will need to measure it (diagonally at least) for what I intend to use it for, so I will try to remember and let you know when it shows up.
  9. After looking at the picture on it, it may function as the fog light switch in models that have fog lights installed.
  10. I'm not in front of mine right now but fairly sure that switch toggles the interior lighting on and off, independently of your Park Lights/Head Lights.
  11. Cheers, happy to take it off your hands for $250 and whatever postage cost is to Perth.
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