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  1. you mean the turbo elbow? i have one pm me if interested
  2. keep it at 10psi, i wouldnt go any more without at least an intercooler, after the intercooler 12-13psi any more will stuff up the longevity of your turbo
  3. you can have the fan without the hub for 50 plus postage
  4. as topic says, i need a new afm, and mines a series 2, so i need to know whether i can use a series 1 afm for a replacement? i was told that they were different and didnt work...
  5. Amaru your 100% right, ive been screwed over with quickfit before.. but that was the belconnen(now fyshwick) one.. those guys are wankers... tried to charge me 45 bucks each tyre to flip them, they made up an excuse saying that my tyres were too thin.. then i went to beaurepairs and they quoted me 30 each... and went to quickfit in mitchell and got it done for 15 a tyre... if anyone had ever been to the mitchell quickfit, they would know about the freindly service.. but yeah all i want to do is help out fellow skyliners
  6. can anyone help... just wondering if the series 3 r33gtr headlights fit into the series 1 and 2 r33 gtr? ive been told the bonnets are different so does that mean the headlights a slightly different?
  7. i know, thats why they are on sale, and hence the $200+ off each tyre The Fk452 has just been redevelopement of ST115, and is very similar to the it
  8. no worries, will try to get back to you tomorrow, just been a bit busy with work and uni
  9. These tyres RRP $560+ each you can pick them up in the next few days for $361each PM me if you want them and ill organise them for you
  10. rb25 turbo... good condition... minimal shaftplay... 62XXXkms on it... 300 plus shipping (approx 30bucks)
  11. bump anyone? i also back in the day played around with the tps and cleaned it with contact cleaner... someone please help
  12. ok, realised something just before, i boosted it in 5th gear from 80km/h it sits at .6bar at 3000rpm, then when it reaches 4000rpm it starts to climb right to 1 bar before the end of the rev range.. i tried it again but at 70km/h in 5th gear, it sat at .6bar and started to fuel cut! any one got ideas.. need to sort this out asap what causes fuel cut
  13. with the car off, gently move it around if you can feel any sort of friction, even the slightest bit, it will cause your fan to vibrate and become noisy. it wont harm your engine extensively, but it will put more strain on it, also your belts will experience the same thing. i had a smililar problem at 5000rpm... i replaced the fan and hub with new ones.. but in the end opted to use a thermo-fan to suit my application. oh, and make sure you check your hub, there should be 4 nuts that hold it in place. make sure they are all tight, it could be just the hub becoming loose
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