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  1. I'm also trying to source locally so if I get one here quicker I'll be removing this thread.
  2. Hi, I'm after a quality alternator to bolt onto my turbo R33. Needs to be direct factory replacement please. Located Ballarat, Victoria Thanks, Tim
  3. The wolfs fine. Turned out to be water temperature sensor. Now my alternator has buggered up
  4. Drained some fuel from the lines. Couple of small water bubbles in the bottom but I'll need to dry a bottle out properly and try again tomorrow.
  5. Most of the plugs were quite black when I pulled them out and one was a tan-ish colour.
  6. Hi guys, Ive got an issue with my R33. Put 98 fuel in it yesterday from united (same place as always) then it started running shit. Went to drive to work this morning and got a couple of hundred metres down the road and it stalled. Left it there and came back after work and changed the spark plugs, got it started but still runs bad and the idle is horrible. Its got no low end power but after 3000 or so its not so bad. I can't see any hoses that have popped off or split cooler pipes or anything. Whats the chance of getting a bad batch of fuel?Running a wolf 3d ECU with MAP sensor, split fire coils, cooler, exhaust, GTX3076
  7. Front and rear suspension to suit R33 GTST. Koni front shocks with unknown springs. GAB rear coil over setup. Rides rough in the rear decided to go with an MCA setup. Makes a noise occasionally but drove it for ages with no serious issues. My cars pictured there if your wondering how it sat. Wanting $150 for the lot. Will separate and will post at buyers expense. Located Ballarat Vic Cheers, Tim
  8. Let me know if you're willing to separate and at what sort of cost. Cheers
  9. Whats the widest tyre that will fit on the standard 33 GTST rims will take? Has anyone put drag tyres on the standard wheels?
  10. It was just a trial run, really. Its only the cheap autotechnica stuff. I thought the dark bonnet would look alright on the white. What other options do you mean?
  11. Me and a couple of mates had a crack at vinyl wrapping my bonnet, turned out pretty good for a bunch of amateurs
  12. The bottom lip is fibre glass not plastic from what I can see but the top is plastic. I think lol
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