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  1. CLARION 6X9 250W 3 WAY CAR SPEAKERS $50.00 Never used in brand new condition but no box. Pick up only from Bangor NSW,2234 Kind regards Michael
  2. KENWOOD CAR STEREO CD RECEIVER $50.00 Up for sale is this Kenwood Car stereo CD Receiver, has 200w power a detachable face all brackets and case in original box. Old model ,has been used but in excellent condition. Regards Michael
  3. Guys ,below is a list of vehicles compartible with the unit. Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32 Skyline - R33 GTR - BCNR33 Silvia - PS13 (Red Top) Silvia - S14 S1 Silvia - S14 S2 Imprezza - GC8/GF8 Ver1-2 Imprezza - GC8/GF8 Ver3-4 Imprezza - GC8/GF8 Ver5-6 Supra JZA80 S1 Supra MKIII - JZA70 Skyline - R32 GTS-t - HCR32 Silvia - S13 (CA18DET) EVO - CD9A EVO II - CE9A EVO III - CE9A Mark II S2 - JZX100 Mark II S1 - JZX100 Fairlady - Z32 Supra JZA80-S2 Soarer - 2.5GT-T S1 - JZZ30 Soarer - 2.5GT-T S2 - JZZ30 Mark II - JZX90 Aristo - JZS147 Aristo - JZS161 Mark II - JZX81 Legacy - BD5 I Legacy - BD5 II Mark II - JZX110 GTO - Z16A GTO - Z15A Kind regards Michael
  4. I have a HKS Twin Power (less than 1500km's old!!) for sale. $400.00 neg. This unit combines both CDI and transistor method ignition and will deliver better performance both in low and high revs! If you have a modified car and you have not worked your ignition you're throwing HP away. Post or pick up only from Bangor NSW,2234 Kind regards Michael
  5. Powerplay is on at 4/12/11 at eastern creek ,has anyone been to that and is it worth going to disgrace V8s.
  6. Guys,is there anymore photos from the Palm beach cruise ?
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