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  1. Hi guys. The shell is now gone and no mare parts are available. Ty guys and gals
  2. Engine sold. Have standard turbo with dump pipe left. An alternator power steering pump and reservoir plus misc bits and pices off the rest of the 33. The parts list and what's been sold is on another thread. (R33 complete part out)
  3. ExhauSt and gear selector sold
  4. Thanks for that, I'll see what they say.
  5. No it wwon't clear the bracing. it fouls at the front of the head. With a standard bonnet it would hit the bracing and need close to 50 mm clearance. I can take a pic tomorrow in the light if you like. so is it possible to get a bonnet made that is legal? if not, I'd probably just keep it off the road, ( easy option )
  6. Yeh the bracing wwas already cut by the previous owner. thanks for the heads up.
  7. Hi all, I have an s13 with a 25/30 and the bonnet has been cut and raised to allow for the extra deck height of the engine. not only is it illegal (duh) but looks ugly. is it possible to get a bonnet made or bought that is legal for road registration in QLD, that isn't going to cost a ridiculous amount? or an alternative? thanks all, Mick
  8. The fine will go to sper if you don't pay it. As for legalities someone else might be able to offer some insight
  9. Engine loom, ecu, front speaker holders, clear skyline logo rear, rear passanger trim. Auto box and auto loom. Sold.
  10. Calipers sold, pending payment
  11. Window guides, Ac compressor, water pump, harmonic balancer and short block.sold, pending payment
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