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  1. hey guys, looking at upgrading my injectors, found a guy that has injectors out of a stagea. I went and looked at factory injectors and compared to that of a stagea, only difference I could see is towards the business end the stagea injectors it is wider....that said the rail looks like it cou ld accommodate for this. anyone know if it will work or know if they are the same?
  2. hey all! i know ive already asked but everythings been going downhill faster than a vx commodore with its brakes cut. i had a power fc, it seemed to have been repaired, it would boot fine, however wouldnt turn off - long story short when its hooked up the fuel pump relay ticks on and off constantly and the controller wont go past its menu so i cut my losses for now and got one expressed from japan, thankfully it too is damaged (burn marks on the board - ignition circuit) and it is also messing with the fuel pump relay.... so im begging anyone out there that has or knows of someone that has a power fc for a R33 Series 2 please!! please let me know! im desperate for one before easter if you have had this problem and resolved it im down hear how...checked all fuses / pin out powers and still nothing! thanks heaps JEDJET
  3. going for my tune this week! thank fully my power fc isn't working....some spastic has pulled it apart and tried to repair it. So basically I need a new one. With or without the hand controller! For a series r33 gtst! If anyone can help please message!
  4. thanks man. Been looking flat out but yet to find some!
  5. Hey guys! Im chasing some centre caps for Rays LM GT3's Can't find them anywhere. Please help
  6. everyone I am in desperate need of a r34 turbo! dont care if it's damaged beyond use dont care if it's high flowed by gcg don't care if it's in perfect condition I need one. Willing to pay solid cash!
  7. Thanks bud' I pulled my old one apart and found the seals to be very swelled. Nissan wanted 426 for a new one so I went to Paul and got one for 70 bucks. Works perfectly
  8. awesome man. thanks for your help! im going to pull it apart at work tomorrow and see if i can find a re-kit for it....otherwise ill just run the 33 one
  9. higher as in bad things are gonna happen or higher as in its a nissan it will love it
  10. need to replace my master cylinder.... would a r33 cylinder work on a r34 running the factory booster? cheers!
  11. okay so ive put it down to the master cylinder.... is there a difference between a r33 / r34 master cylinder or can you run either?
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