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  1. Hey guys, Im chasing a GTR R35/R34 for a wedding in a few weeks 28th march (i know super late notice) only need a pick up a few pics and drop off so not too long, if you are keen just PM me please Forgot to write the weddings in Hamilton Cheers Devina
  2. 1989 R32 gtst 4 door im chasing $5500.00 but i am negotiable to an extent, depends on whether the vehicle is sold registered or not. The car has rego till april next year. It has about 70000kms on the clock, i bought her with approximately 16000kms on the clock. Has an Apexi avcr (black edition), cusco coilovers, slotted/cross drilled rotors, intercooler with stainless piping, 3inch turbo back exhaust, sard fuel pressure regulator, immobiliser. I think thats all. Ive just spent a bit of coin getting a few oil leaks fixed, new waterpump, cam seals, tappet cover gaskets. Also i did get an r33 stock turbo put on to replace the old one but it seems to be faulty aswell, so it'll need a new turbo. Other than that its got a slight miss. No rust anywhere in or outside the car, paints in good condition, interior is in good condition. pick up only. any questions just ask
  3. How many kms has the motor done? and whats the reason for the sale if you dont mind me asking?
  4. wellll my bf likes my skyline, he was just as excited as me when i put my coilovers and gtr seats in , if anything its me complaining about his damn rx7.... unreliable moody bitch of a car if you ask me, and LOUD urgh. he hates is when i bad mouth her hehehe
  5. gtrchick

    Brake Pads?

    i've got ultimates all around, but i replaced my rotors at the same time cos they were f**ked. Did you get your rotors machined at all? Because usually they are a little glazed, and probably have a little scoring. i've found that assists with the bedding in and less likely to get a squeal. If that fails, could be excess brake dust sitting around.
  6. suuure do talk to Lola. Shes very easy going, not in the slightest bit tempremental, very reliable. Always perfoms well whenever the time calls for it.
  7. do u have any pics of the bonnets?
  8. i have a cluth master cylinder, but will need new cups.
  9. Ive never ever had a problem jacking up a vehicle from the diff, theres nothing wrong with it. Some vehicles dont have a jacking point, so your only choice is to use the diff. Sills are where you put the stands, because thats what they were made for, when you see a car being put on a 2 poster hoist, unless its a 4wd/ute and some vans, the 4 pads usually go under the sills. I think aslong as you have safely rested the car on the stands, whether it be 2 or 4, and always do the shake test, i mean id rather see my car fall with me shaking it then fall with me under it. Ive never ever seen stands failim not saying they dont though.... and ive been using them regularly for a while. I guess it also depends on quality, its no use in being a cheap skate and getting some el cheapo deal, always go for what tradies use. And i figure if you are too scared to get under a car, then just dont you start getting paranoid at the slightest creak or groan, i used to be terrified, thinking how the hell is that little puny jack going to hold up 2 tonnes of car.... but i got over it, you jsut have to place trust in the equipment you are using, and if not, just get someone else to work on your car. but thats just my 2cents
  10. Hey guys, Ive had my 4 door for a while now, i bought it stock, theres no badging on the exterior of the car at all. Im just curious about a badge on my passenger side dash, its says HKS SPORTS in silver, its not a sticker, its an actual badge of some sort, im just wondering if anyone else has something like that? or is it just wank factor from the previous owner?....i bought it from an import place so it was just complianced when i bought it. THe only thing missing on the car when i bought it was a strut brace, i can see that because its left two circles in the engine bay of where it must of been for a very long time. Oh and it had a set of 18's, but i swapped them for the standard rims. Its just a really random badge, wondering if anyone would know anything about it, ive looked at heaps of other peoples 4 doors but noone has one..... its located just above the glove box. Its just annoying at the moment because i dont actually have anything HKS on my car, but i dont want to pry it off my dash and ruin my dash if its been there for a while.... Oh and i was wondering also; under the 2 front seats there are what appears to be a vent underneath each and a harness with a plug on the end. I looked to see if i can find a connection anywhere that the plug is within reach but it doesnt seem to plug into anything. Was is just normal factory harness of electric seats or something? In case that option was chosen? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks
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